Wyze thermostat setup, features, tips for new users

I made a little feature manual to help others understand how the thermostat functions and how to manage your settings for your use case. You can skip to the end if you would like to just see the notes and little manual I made. The manual is in the pictures so just skip right down to the photos. Hopefully I can save some others the trouble I went through figuring everything out

Anybody who has purchased the Wyze thermostat knows that Wyze really dropped the ball by not providing a user manual, wether digital or paper, to help users understand how it works, the features it has, and how the thermostat behaves based on how you set it up.

I purchased my thermostat on Pre order and other then spending a lot of time to try and figure out how it behaves it has been a great product that has helped me save energy and money as well as provide me with remote control of of my homes heat system. If Wyze provided a detailed manual about the features and how the thermostat works then they would have ticked all the boxes. Wyze cams and other devices are pretty straight forward and don’t need a manual per say, however the thermostat is not one of those devices. It can be quite complex, confusing, and tough to use when you don’t understand how it functions and how your settings will affect the way the thermostat operates. Why they didn’t provide a manual is beyond me.

I personally had to spend a day or two coming and going from my house (driving down the road just to make thermostat switch modes to test things etc) to see how the thermostat behaved and I recorded my results and that’s basically how I got an understanding of how this thermostat functions and how I need to set it up to do what I want. It’s terrible that Wyze has made a product where I had to spend half a day and half gallon of gas just to figure out how it functions. But that’s what I had to do and what I did.

I wrote all my results into a somewhat manual that I figured I would share with the community to hopefully save the next person from the same trouble I went through trying to figure out all the features and settings. There is one thing left that I have to test and that is what the thermostat reverts to after a hold is set. I will be testing this soon but I wanted to get this manual out to people as it is, and I will update that one later.


*** PRO TIP- You can use geofencing on the thermostat to control your notifications (or anything else) based on location. I have a rule set to turn off my lights and turn on my notifications when thermostat switches to away mode. And I have a rule set to turn notifications back off when it switches to home mode. So even though Wyze app doesn’t have native geofencing support for notifications or anything else. You can use a rule with your thermostat state to achieve the same outcome as if the app had geofencing option. I’d like to point out this only works if you use the auto switch geofencing to control your thermostat modes. So basically anytime I leave my house it switches my thermostat to away using my location and then my rule activates and turns off all my lights and turns on notifications automatically. You can set rules for all modes (home, away, and sleep)

a little note for Wyze If one of your associates happens to see this post I’d like to point out that it took me about a day of testing and then less then 30 mins to write up this little manual. It wouldn’t take a lot of effort for your team to make a digital guide to help your customers use and setup their thermostats. The little effort it would take far outweighs the struggle your customers have to go through to try and figure out this device. It’s not as simple as most of your other product line and not having some sort of manual, guide, or feature explanation is unacceptable. The little effort it takes to make one would go a long way in saving your customers a lot of frustration. Not to mention it will save your team the trouble of explaining these features over and over again to frustrated customers. Even if you want to take this manual I made and turn it into something official I would be more then happy to help or provide whatever you need to make that happen.***


Very helpful! Any idea of at what radius the geofence is set, and can it be adjusted?

Currently the default geofence radius for the thermostat is 3 miles. I haven’t found anyway to adjust that. It seems to be preset and unadjustable.

However I can say that the size of it seems to be pretty ideal. I live on 11 acres and it never triggers away mode when I’m on my property but once I’m about 3-5 mins away from my house driving it will trigger and go into away. I actually probably wouldn’t change it even if I could. It works well.

thank you. wyze should have released a manual. therostat is so important, the most important appliance they released. our health and lives depend on it (esp those who live in cold states)! i have issues with thermostat and they can;t help me and i am now considering spending more money for hvac professional… not good

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I agree they definitely made a huge oversight and left a lot of customers to fend for themselves by not providing a manual. Or at least something that goes over the features and behaviors of the product.

@Cluster what issues are you having? Are the issues related to setup and installation of the thermostat or are they related to settings and features. What I mean by that is do you need help with installing and wiring the thermostat or do you need help with the functions and settings of the thermostat? I more then likely can help you.

I rewired my thermostat/furnace when I installed my thermostat. I’m pretty technically inclined and know my way around a heat system so maybe I can help. If your issue is related to A/C system I might not be as much of a help because I only have a heat system at my house but I can still certainly look things over and try to help you if you provide some more info on what’s going on and the problems you are having.

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I appreciate your willingness to help. I am going to try to fix it over the weekend, My issue is in this post. It worked before, then something happened and I also got a new thermostat but issue was not fixed.

Wyze thermostat lost FAN control option

@Cluster best of luck to you :shamrock: If there is anything I can do to help don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d be more then happy to assist if I can.

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Thanks! Have you seen my post? I described my issue there, along with pictures. Which solution should I try?

I’ve been using the thermostat set to HEAT. I also set the temp to HOLD.
Today I used the app to set the mode to OFF because it’s warm outside, and it went back to HEAT after about 2 seconds. I did this 3 times and each time it went back to HEAT.
I gave a bit of thought and released the temp HOLD, then set to OFF. It stayed off then.
I can not believe the HOLD feature overrides OFF. That seems counter intuitive to me.

Thanks- I have 2 and scared to install them.

Thanks for the basics but the thermostat app needs detail Description by Wyze. They need a video showing all functions of best use. That will be more helpful to everyone
Since there bugs they need to address to such as 0% filter management issue.

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Unfortunately, the latest firmware update removes the function of motion reverting from Away to Home.

Actually the latest app update (the forced one) completely broke auto switch. It doesn’t work at all for me anymore with my phone location.

However it does still switch for me with the PIR sensor in the thermostat. I upgraded to the new thermostat firmware and I updated the app.

So if I leave my house or come home it will not change modes based on my location. So I have to manually set it to away. Then when I get home if I forget to set it back to home manually and I walk by the thermostat it will switch back to home still.

It’s a good thing they released location triggered rules right at the same time they broke auto switch lol. I set location based rules to changed my thermostat modes when I come and go. It’s also able to use a smaller then 3 mile geofence. Not that I should have to do this but Iv learned that every update from Wyze comes with almost a 90% chance of breaking a feature you rely on. So I just don’t update anything anymore. If they don’t get this behavior under wraps they are going to start loosing customers real bad.

You know something is wrong when every time they post about an update on FB the comments section is nothing but people complaining about problems from current and past updates.

Iv been going back and forth with support for a while now about it. At first they wouldn’t even acknowledge that their update is what caused the issues. Until I pointed out my literally list full of issues that have all been created from bad updates. Then they finally admitted that it was a bug in version 2.22 but they also said it should have been resolved in 2.23 which is certainly not the case as mine still will not work.

We will see how it works out