Thermostat functions issues, Q & A

Hi all, I installed my thermostat a week ago with no issues. Installation setup was easy and HVAC setting was straight forward. But after test and use, I’m not sure if it’s working as it should. Wyze needs to have a FAQ so that everyone can understand and use the app correctly. Below are my issues and questions. All are free to add to list.

  1. Why does wyze ask for address or location on app? I know it said optional for emergency but its not calling 911 right? I figured it was to use as settings for away mode. But if its not selected for phone location how does it know to go into away mode. Which leads to #2 .

2)) At time I check my app it say my hvac is on away mode. But I never manually set it in that mode. The app does it automatically even though I’m home with my phone. I tested leaving my home with my phone and when I come home it show that the hvac is in away mode. But it never change to home unless i put it on manually.

  1. When I turn off the hvac in app, I still feel air blowing, I know there emergency mode which can be set to around 35 degrees but the thermostat can only set lowest of 50 degrees. What’s the point of emergency going that low if I can’t set away mode to below 50 degrees or my preferred 40 degrees?

  2. I was hoping to have this working well to replace my upstairs zone Omni home automation thermostat with this. If I add second wyze thermostat are there fuctions you can combine 2 zones and some I want to keep separated.

  3. humidity sensor, i still need to test to see how accurate it is. It should also let you manually set the range.

App should have some clearer details for different option selections to understand the function that aren’t commonly known.

If we understand more on how wyze intend to make this thermostat function within their eco system overall, then it might be easier to use.

So far it seem to be worth the price but once few bugs and details are understood, I think its great. Option. Thanks Charlie

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Seem like lots of people have trouble installing and setting up the new thermostat. Has any one have issue with using and understanding app afterwards?

Hi, any know why Wyze thermostat keep changing to away mode even if in app i didn’t set it to auto switch? Its annoying that I have to change it manually to Home mode. I have family at home while I’m away.

Also the filter management is still showing 0% for a month now.

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I have the same problem. Did you find a solution?

Haven’t gotten any help from anyone :frowning:

So I noticed few things after using this for about a month. I set new temperature in the app and clicked save. But it still uses my previous saved temperature settings. My filter management still show 0% too.

The thermostat app setting needs a clearer FAQ. Example: under advanced settings fan cycle, let’s you choose minimum fan time per hour. So if I set to 10 minutes does it mean it can run maximum of 60 minutes? I would think it should be opposite. Let you set maximum fan run time in an hour. Not sure how Wyze is calculating efficiency and max saving within this thermostat.

Also, temperature safety setting lowest allow at 35 degrees, how do we know it actually works? In regular temperature settings, it only allows lowest temp. of 50 degrees. I would like to see that we can set it lower than 50.

Hopefully someone has more insight on this to share. Thanks

Check your set schedules mine kept changing on me here and there until I changed that. Try to modify it accordingly or delete blocks.

So check

  1. Temperature preferences
  2. Schedules

Thats what I meant to say is where I changed my temperature setting for home, away and sleep. I click save after changing but app or thermostat is not keeping with new settings.

Ok thanks I see what you mean about block now. I see the issue, there are 2 area to check in app.

  1. temperature preferences (not sure the use of this)
    2)schedules (this is more customized for time and temperature)

Yeah I set my schedule to the same range as my preferences and erased away since there’s someone always home, haven’t had an issue since.

I c but the app and thermostat should work as designed. We shouldn’t have to do a work around.

My filter still at 0% :frowning: anyone having better luck?