Wyze Thermostat Manual/How To

So much of the Wyze Thermostat documentation focuses on setup, Now that I got mine working, I can’t find much on how to actually use it.

Specifically, I have a schedule set up.

If I adjust the temperature on the dial or through the app, when does it revert to following the schedule?

How can I easily cancel my manual temperature adjustment and return to the schedule?

Is there an option to show what temperature the thermostat is set to on its display instead of just the current temperature?

The display could also show the icon for what status it is in (home/away/sleep).

Maybe this is all covered somewhere but I just can’t find it.

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I don’t believe there’s any specific manual for the thermostat, but you can take a look at the support pages for it and post any questions if they aren’t answered.
Wyze Thermostat Support