Wyze thermostat PIR motion

I have 2 wyze thermostats, one is older and connected via 4 wires with the adapter, the other is a newer heatpump unit without the adapter. The thermostat without the adapter works perfectly. The thermostat connected with the adapter works as a thermostat, however the PIR sensor does not appear to work- the screen does not turn on when approaching the unit. It does power on the screen and function when the dial is manipulated. Is this a defective unit or a consequence of the wiring?

I have the same issue, the PIR sensor does not seem to work. The button works and the display comes on when pressed but approaching the unit does not make it turn on. Neither does trying to cover the sensor fully with my hand or doing something more extreme like shining my phone’s light on it and taking it away.

I tried removing the unit from the wall plug to make it power off and on again but the same issue remains.