Wyze Thermostat Observations

Setup in about 15 minutes. Spent 10 minutes testing it out.


Best instructions for installation on any product I have ever owned.
Everything I needed was included, even tools.
Price point is incredible.
Product and Packaging looking amazing.


Fan cycle – this shows 20min/hr. But it doesn’t do that. How do I know if this is on or not? Give a confirmation to mark this feature as on/off.

How to get two phones on the auto switch feature? Is there an easy way to pair my spouses phone so it recognizes when it is home and not just my phone? Does she have to create a wyze account as well to control the thermostat and add her phone to her account and both accounts reference the same thermostat? (Then will it detect both phones?)

How to delete filters you created in filter management? I can’t figure out how to do this.

Other Suggestions:

Once you click on system test… it should ask you to start each test, rather than automatically starting. I don’t want my A/C automatically turning on in the middle of winter without my authorization. What if a cover is on my A/C. We just had an ice storm. What if the A/C is completely covered in ice. This is a menu with various settings and this shouldn’t start with one click.

When changing the temp on the main screen it might be changed on accident. It needs a button to confirm temperature change, rather than just turning it.


My control knob squeaks on the unit. (Not a big deal since I will rarely use it)
The temp is several degrees off compared to my previous two thermostats. Definitely colder in the house at the same setting. (Thankfully I see where this can be adjusted in settings of offset.)