Wyze Thermostat Local Utility Discount/Rebate, Recognize on Alexa as a Thermo

Hello -

  1. Are there any plans to offer the Wyze Thermo through local utility companies?
  2. Are there any plans to connect the Wyze Thermo to local utility companies for programs like smart saver (that regulates cooling during the summer, and that echobee seems to do directly with the local utilities?
  3. Wyze thermo is not recognized on Alexa as a device under the thermostat list? Any plans to list as such?

Thanks, Steve

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I don’t have a specific answer to your questions, but yesterday I filled out an online form with my utility for a $25 rebate for having a programmable thermostat. I’ll post if it is approved.


I believe this topic should be addressed by any vendor doing smart thermostats. BGE actually came out and installed an EcoBee free for me under SmartEnergy- great and like it, but now might want to replace it w Wyze. But not unless a clear instruction/info base on this topic is available.

Also have a beach house- Delmarva Power put in a crap thermostat but allows them/us to control it via wifi and I get a $50 credit each year- There I had to investigate and it looks like while ‘no waze’ is on their list, I can switch thier energy saver program to use a box on the outdoor heat pump and install the Waze Thermostat -so I will try that. However, Waze should be proactively engaged in this topic and w power companies like EcoBee is.