Wyze thermostat install

Trying to install thermostat. Attached is the original Honeywell wiring. If I select a B wire and C wire, I get the thermostat is incompatible…. If I don’t select the C wire (which shows as optional) and wire it up according to the other picture, there is no power delivered to the thermostat.

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BLUF: I am not an HVAC expert. Quite the tinkering novice in fact. That being said:

I believe the incompatibility is due to having separate O and B wires on the Heat Pump. Note that the Wyze Thermostat only has one terminal for either O or B (O\B). It does not have both.

The C and R wires are absolutely required to power the thermostat. The R is the “Hot” supply and the C is the return neutral completing the power circuit.

I have an idea about the brown wire, but I am not 100% sure it is doing what I think it is doing so I really dont want to mislead you. But I think it needs to be designated as something else during setup. I could be way off base though and it may be fully incompatible.

@speadie may be able to provide more detailed information.

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hmm. need a picture of the air handler/ ac side of the wires to determine if compatible. Lacking that, the model of your heat pump should shed some clues.

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Thanks @speadie… may take some time to get that as it is at my daughters apartment and I am 4 hrs away. I will check with her to see if she can get some further info.

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