Wyze thermostat - does yours reboot when calling for heat?

Hi. Just connected my thermostat to a multi zone boiler with zone valves. Wyze Rc to valve R, Wyze W1 to valve W and Wyze C to the “common” terminal on the boiler transformer. Thermostat powers on and runs, but when it calls for heat, it clicks and resets every few seconds. Has anyone seen this behavior? What was the problem you found? Just looking for a pointer to possible problems that I can track down or rule out. Thanks.

This generally means your transformer isn’t powerful enough to run both the zone control and the wyze. You can fix it by using an external transformer to power the wyze on Rc and C and using Rh and W1 to switch the load for the zone control.


Hm thanks. That means doing a little math on the cost to operate that second transformer and time to pull new wires. That you can power the thing using Rc and C separately from the thermostat circuit should be in the instructions. Feels like boilers weren’t thought through for this device. Thanks!

Update. I replaced my existing 40 MA transformer with a 75 MA transformer.

The Wyze thermostat still reboots when it calls for heat.

So, it looks like voltage drop when the valves open, due to my furnace transformer being overloaded, was not the problem.

Too bad. I really like the thermostat design. I’m going to return them and try a different brand.