Wyze thermostat controlled only based on satellite sensor's temp

I saw from the release video there would be satellite sensors to monitor temperature in a different room to where the thermostat is.

My question is - can the thermostat be set to adjust only based on the satellite sensor?

The heating for my basement, is controlled by a thermostat currently in the garage (on a separate floor). So i dont want the heat to turn on when it gets cold in the garage, only when it gets cold in the basement, if that makes. I believe Nest and others cannot do this, so would love this functionality.

The sensors aren’t available yet so I’m not sure anyone would know the correct answer to the question yet. But it sounds like they will adjust the temperature to a happy medium between the thermostat room temp and the satellite room temps. That way no rooms are too cold or too hot. But they may end up adding in the ability to use only the external sensors instead. There’s nothing in the app for that currently since the sensors aren’t available yet.

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