Wyze switch questions

  1. how do I separate the switch module from the mounting frame?
  2. Can I dim lights connected to the wyze switch? How?

If I understand your first question correctly, you have to use a little force. I seem to remember it just snaps on and off.

The answer to the second question is: it depends. If the light fixture is using standard “dumb” light bulbs, then no, you cannot dim them. If you use “smart” bulbs, like Wyze Bulbs, then yes you can dim them in the app. You can even set up rules for the bulbs or switch. I don’t know what will happen if you try to use a non-Wyze bulb. In theory it should work, just in the other bulb’s app.

Thanks for the advice. Got the switch frame off. Still working on the dimming (LED bulbs)

The Wyze switch has no ability to dim any type bulb, smart or dumb.

If they are Wyze bulbs, you can use the app to dim the bulbs. If they are just basic dumb LED bulbs, you will not be able to dim them with the Wyze switch.

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You can only dim Wyze LED lights with it.

The switch itself does not support dimming of non-intelligent bulbs (LED or not).

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If you use Wyze bulbs, you can use the additional action rules with the Wyze switch to dim the Wyze bulbs.

For example:
Double Press Set bulb to 50%
Triple Press Set Bulb to 10%
Press and Hold Set bulb to 100%


Thanks! Will look into wyze bulbs to see if they suit my situation.

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