Wyze switch controlled Bulbs 100% bright after power outage

Have a wyze switch controlling four br30 bulbs. After power resumes from outage all 4 bulbs turn on 100% bright white. So at 0300 and power fails i get awakened to 4 spot lights. Extremely annoying, it has happed twice now btween 0300-0500. I relaize thats uncommon, but why do i have to be startled awake as if im being questioned by the CIA or something. My first thought is a voice is coming saying “where were you at 1:00 on thursday?” “I didnt do it I swear”.
Bulbs not controlled by a wyze switch do not do this. Should i change out the wyze switch controlling wyze bulbs. My goal was to go all wyze in the house. It looks like that is not doable if this is the power outage response.
My question is why?
Normally if a bulb is totally powered off it will come on green. It may or may not resume normal (already setup with app) functioning. Sometimes they have to be reinstalled.
They only come back 100% bright white after whole house power outage. I can wait (at 3:00 AM) about 2-5 minutes and they (usually) go back off ( the state they were in before outage). So i can bury my head under the pillows and wait - because that’s what I want to do (not).

Go to the Group Settings for the 4 BR30 Bulbs and click Power Loss Recovery.

Change your settings to this: