Wyze Switch - Additional Controls Don't Actually Control Lighting Groups?

I noticed something peculiar when I updated my Wyze Android app recently. Some of my Switch additional controls stopped working. Only just some, not all. After looking at how I have everything set up, it looks like they now don’t control “lighting groups.” The new app version changed the structure of light groups in general, so I’m not sure if this threw something off.

FWIW, I am on app v2.31.0 (b142).

I am curious if anyone has noticed this or if it’s just me. If it’s just me, I’ll reach out to Customer Support. In the meanwhile, I just reprogrammed my switch to each individual light, instead of the group, and that has things working again…

Glad its working again, if it happens again take a log in the devices settings > Wyze Support > Submit A Log and pass that onto support. Thanks!

Well, I’m not sure if triggering lighting groups works now. I am using a workaround that is equally functional as before. In the long-run, I would prefer to trigger these as groups, instead of individual bulbs.