Wyze Surge Protector Available

Wyze Surge protector available.

I apparently jumped the gun yesterday when I spotted and posted about this but it is now available on the website.


Interesting product.

Any comments on whether it supports 3 cameras in the 3 USB plugs? Looks like maybe 3 v1/v2 but not Pan…?

According to the specs, each port can provide 2.1A. The Pan requires 2A, so it should support the Pan as well as the V1/V2.

268 joules, no mention of clamping voltage, photos show unprotected MOVs next to the plastic case. This thing is a disaster waiting to happen.

Why are you even selling this, Wyze?

Specs say β€œ* 3 USB ports, total 5V/3.1A, each 5V/2.1A max.”

If you only plug in a single Pan at 2A it will work, but that means there will only be 1A left between the other two ports. If anything else that draws more than 1A is plugged in to the other ports then that 2A the Pan needs is going to be gone and the camera is either going to crash or power off.

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We are in process testing clamping voltage and will post on website once finish testing,

Under extreme testing condition surge protector can support 1 Pan and 1 V2 at the same time.

support 3 v1/v2 or 1 Pan + 2 v1/v2 not 3 Pan

Clamping voltage testing completed: L-N 1200V (VPR), L-G 1200V (VPR), N-G 1200V (VPR)