Wyze Support Product Webpages - Add frame rates for daytime and night vision for all cam types

Some of the support links have frame rates, but others do not. I am experimenting with synchronizing video from different cameras. Could you post a chart that shows the daytime and night vision rates of the cameras v2, v3, Pan, Outdoor, Black ? Or at least make sure that they are included in the FAQ support for each of the products. Thank You.

Wyze really needs to add a detailed, complete tech specs section to the support pages for all cam types.

Re: framerates… here’s what I found, mostly in the details on storefront pages. Missing is Wyze Video Doorbell Pro and Cam Pan (v1).

Wyze Cam v2:

Wyze Cam v3:

Wyze Cam Pan v2:

Wyze Cam Outdoor:

Wyze Video Doorbell:


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