Wyze Support Canned Response

Has anyone run in to this issue?

I sent an Email to tech support and received a response from “John”. He gave me a few steps to take. I replied, stating that I had already tried the steps with no avail.

He responded back restating his first response, just worded differently. I responded saying that the steps didn’t work to which he replied saying he’s happy the problem was resolved… Wtf?

I sent a reply back saying he misunderstood and I’m still having the orientation issue. He replied back as if he’s never spoken to me before and it was word for word the same as the first email he sent me.

This is beyond disappointing. Anyone else?

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“John” responded to my email again today. He sent me the same exact thing he did last time AND the time before.
This is rediculous

Yes, same here. My Wyzebot is Mary.