Wyze Smoke/CO Detector

They should have thought out the minimal set of complementary devices
before making a big move into the home monitoring space!

I hope for more expansion regarding home security. I think the addition of having smoke and carbon monoxide detectors would be fantastic. These could be included as part of the Sense collection to allow homeowners to feel more secure. Bluetooth/App capabilities could alert owner to threats even when they are not home to hear the traditional alarms as well as dispatch emergency response if needed. See “Google Nest Protect” for inspiration.

I think “REQUIRED” not fantastic. Wyse will not be considered a security player until they have a way to link existing home alarms into a central station.

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I have a paid home monitoring subscription. As others have said, besides wanting the ability to detect open doors, water leakage, etc. I want monitoring to be notified if my smoke/co detector is going off. I am not asking nor wanting a Wyze smoke/co detector as I would not trust a brand new product unless it is designed and built by First Alert or Kidde … so initially, can you develop a small device that detects smoke/co sound (like your cameras) that connects into the home monitoring service.


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The underlying mechanics for this functionality already exists. 5 cameras can be added to the HMS as Security Cameras. The settings within the HMS allow for the designation of these cams to alert you by push notification from the HMS, independant of the cam setting push notifications, if one detects the sound of a Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Alarm.

What is missing is the connection of that alert to Noonlight for monitored intervention. Since it is able to be done with the Leak Sensors and the Climate Sensors, I wouldn’t think it would be too complicated to have these 5 cams also alert Noonlight.

However, since these are not themselves detectors, I would think it would be difficult convincing an insurance company that this constitutes fire and carbon monoxide monitoring.

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@SlabSlayer did a good job of explaining the current situation and the current detection functions by the cameras.

And i wish it was 100 % correct all the time, its not. I had a CO alarm notification from a camera the other day when i was away, and my wife was home. I called and asked and she said that no CO detector was sounding, it musta been a sound on the TV that set the camera off. :man_shrugging:

There is this wishlist also for consideration…

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this smoke/CO monitor apparently is a big compliance / achievement challenge per earlier responses on this forum thread itself, but they have to find some sort of workaround, and, soon!

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Create a boat monitoring system for smoke / carbon monoxide detection (cabin) which is so important for those sleeping overnight on their boats.

I love the idea?

Smoke and Co2

Add your own voice for instructions and type of alert.

I would say, tie it into Home Monitoring.

But U don’t need s bill from the local fire dept.
For a kidz burnt, hot pocket .

Wyze can do it better !

But what am I going to do with my, 2yr old. Talking, 1st. Alert smoke n Co2 detectors. ?

Wondering if the option for Carbon Monoxide monitoring will be considered?


I would hope so,
Except my Cam Blk V2 does not recognize the Smoke n CO detector warning.

My OG cam does, but also detects the consistent whistling whine of my wield McLain gold series Home n water heaters exhaust motor, end of heating cycle, too. :woozy_face::frowning:

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Wyze needs their own version of a Nest Protect


I would love a smoke and Co detector that I can monitor battery power for and shush from my phone in the Wyze app. I have to use a ladder for both these operations and can’t imagine my elderly mom could do so without help. Also having young children myself, this would prevent waking them for a false alarm which can be a lifesaver in and of itself :slight_smile:
I understand this can be a challenge for certification, please consider my request

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This is needed!!!

Just an update on this, I don’t think this is going to happen any time soon.

I’m completely paraphrasing from memory here, but on one of the recent live events (I think it was when Dave was hosting a TikTok Live event the other day), one of the employees explained that Wyze looked into smoke detectors and there were a lot of complicated regulations (and probably liability—my interpretation) along with the fact that there are tons of existing options that would make it harder for them to gain a foothold into that market. Overall, it didn’t seem like the cost-benefit would be worth it. It definitely isn’t on their current roadmap, but they seemed to indicate that it is possible something could change in the future to make it worthwhile, but right now it wouldn’t be a priority any time soon. Nobody should be “holding out” for it if it is something you need.

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My guess is Wyze will lose part or all home monitoring business if they don’t introduce at least minimum support for smoke detection (optionally CO detection, too). They could just make a co-marketing agreement with an existing provider if they don’t want to develop it in house. I seem to remember there is at least one company whose smoke detector connects to Noonlight monitoring center. So, it would be a part of the common infrastructure.

SmartThings via Konnected Cloud is Noonlight’s partnership that includes Smoke\CO detectors.

X-Sense Protect Plus (Premium) is also monitored by Noonlight.

Yes, one of these might be a way to go.

Also, Wyze could develop an improved smoke/CO alarm sounds detection for the new cameras. Those cams have powerful enough processors for that. Even though the older cams recognize alarm sounds quite well, too. For instance, Ring has this kind of product (alarm sound listener) and I think it has the official approval…I would think?.

Another detail: It is possible to communicate the alarm from Wyze cams to Noonlight but they see it as a general (burglar) alarm, not a smoke/CO alarm. This means that Wyze could do better system quite easily from technical point of view but perhaps they don’t want to invest time for official approval process?

I am on the hunt right now for an interconnected Smart Detector system with professional monitoring. But, although Noonlight has been incredible with my HMS, I am certainly not restricting my research by which company monitors.

This last AMA completely obliterated my hopes of an integrated Smart Home solution.

I really don’t know what the technical possibilities or impossibilities are. They already monitor Cams subscribed to Cam Protect so it isn’t too much of a stretch of the imagination to think it might be possible. However, I don’t think the technical possibilities are the constraint here. I believe the legal liability underlying the effectiveness of the device and the UL certification for its acceptance as a professionally monitored device are bigger barriers. Any device with this capability would have to be UL certified and get the blessings of regulatory agencies, the insurance industry, the Fire Prevention industry, and the First Responder community.

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Another tidbit to this soup: Alexa Emergency Assist is a sort of semiautomatic smart smoke/CO detection system which is using Amazon Echo devices to listen and detect alarm sounds. The system doesn’t call directly to a fire station but the monitoring center calls you and you must make a final decision how to proceed.

It is possible to build a semiautomatic monitoring system with Wyze cams, IFTTT and Pushovers app so that you would get a persistent alarm to your phone every 30 seconds and it doesn’t stop until you acknowledge the alarm.