Wyze Smart Safe

How about a Wyze smart safe you can check status of, receive alerts and history, and remotely lock and unlock. This is good for security if you’re not home and for those who might be in another state for awhile and need to unlock it for someone to access paper work but don’t want to give a pin for anytime access. Maybe add one time pins or a spot to put a cam inside. They already have some of the knowledge from the Wyze Lock! I’ve seen this with the new MOTOROLA BOLT SMART SAFE! It’s $100 and only 8 inches x4x2.5!

What about a smart safe that can be unlocked via phone or voice assistant. ability to assign passwords too other people, will report if people are trying to unlock it with wrong code.

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Also been looking at the Motorola safe, but would be cool if it could be part of my Wyze ecosystem.

A small/rugged Wyze fireproof safe that is wide and tall enough to store several laptops…and that can be BOLTED DOWN…and give off a painfully loud alarm if touched with a human hand…and that can be turned off via Alexa…OH YEA !!!

I just said this the other day to my wife. I have been searching for a small safe for the house and I’m so spoiled now with integration in the everything on wyze app. This would be an awesome idea for a safe