Wyze smart bulb as accessory option for Wyze Camera v2/v3

Hi @UserCustomerGwen & @mike.s,

Can Wyze integrate a Wyze Color/White bulb with Wyze Cam v2/v3? I have a Wyze color bulb on my driveway and a Wyze v2 camera right next to it. Can I just have an option to select the wyze smart bulb as accessory under the options in the Wyze camera v2/v3? Can you look into this?

In the meantime you could set up a trigger rule that says if the camera sees motion, then turn on the nearby bulb. Create a second trigger rule that says if the bulb has been on for 4 minutes, turn off the bulb.

That would get you some integration, and the 4 minutes would turn off the light before the 5-minute cooldown is over. That way the camera wouldn’t trigger again because the light went off.

(I’m assuming you don’t want the bulb on all night or you wouldn’t need the integration.)


I jave actually been doing that for some time now. But as i have a V3 with a spotlight accessory and a Wyze flood light with light as accessory. I was thinking that why shouldn’t it be just as easy to use my driveway Wyze color bulb as an accessory option for my Wyze V2 driveway camera? It should just be there in the camera device as an Accessory.

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