Wyze Signage

I own a recording studio. It would be AWESOME for Wyze to make some sort of signage. Perhaps something around 6" tall and 24" wide. The user can type in a message in the Wyze app and it shows up on the sign.
It can scroll, flash, appear in different colors, etc …
This could extend from my application (“Recording! Quiet Please”) to other businesses displaying “OPEN/CLOSED”, business hours, or at home with messages to other people …
I can think of a myriad of different applications for Wyze signage.

Don’t forget to vote on your wish list item not that it’s live!

Another thing to incorporate with this would be a color bulb or eventually the LED strip lights to change colors dependent on your message. Red for recording, green for being in the clear etc.


I assume you mean something like this, but in a finished frame?: