Wyze Sense sensors will not connect to bridge

This is VERY disappointing. I just received my sensors today 6/15/19. And cannot get them to connect to either camera (V1 & V2), Tried all three sensors. Is there no QA?

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I had the exact same issue. I opened a service ticket and they contacted me about 2 weeks later and sent me a replacement kit. The new one connected first try.

I opened a ticket about an hour ago, hope it doesn’t take them several weeks to respond. I understand they have growing pains, but they need to take better care of customers!

30 minutes ago I had a sensor starter pack delivered and I had the same problem, I could not connect the sensors to the bridge. I then found, if you insert the bridge into a camera with the power still connected and then using the app on your phone, selected that camera you inserted the bridge into, and then restart that camera FROM THE APP. I found that after the camera re-booted, I was then able to connect my movement and doors sensors without any problems in seconds.
I hope this helps.


Same here. Tix # 313444 opened.

The instructions say to press the reset using the provided pin and wait for the red light to flash 3 times. When I do this the light flashes 5 times but the sensor never connects. I am trying it only a few feet away from the camera.


If you need more support for this issue, you can submit a request using the link below:

Submit a Request


Im having issues with sensors that previously worked, failing to connect any longer. Tried multiple bridges and cams with no luck. Flashes 2 x then 3 times, but wont pair. New battery also. Latest firmware and app.

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Exactly my issue, glad its not just me :blush:

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I contacted Tech support via email on the app about my issue. I couldn’t have asked for a quicker response. Within minutes, I had an email response from a tech. The issue was resolved and a replacement sensor was on its way with tracking # within minutes. I’ve read horror stories about Wyze tech support on here, but definitely not my experience,

I’m completely satisfied with Wyze products, and with Wyze as a company.

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I have found that if you go to “www.wyze.com” click “support” and then the “Chat” button in lower right corner, you get help VERY QUICKLY!


Same problem… So after all this time somebody know how to fix it??

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Same issue as above where the second contact sensor would not connect. I got the second contact sensor to connect by unplugging the camera for 30 seconds and plugging the camera backing in, then waiting for it to reboot and the bridge to reboot to a blue light. Then I was able to connect the second contact sensor.

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I have the same issue. The bridge has a normal solid blue light. When trying to connect, the blue light flashes. The sensor pretty much sitting on top of the camera. When I press the reset on the sensor it blinks three times. Even after all that, the camera says it timeout. Tried with 4 different sensors and none connected.


Have you had any success? I just received mine yesterday and none of them are working…

I had no success. I got in touch with Wyze and they said that they could give me a replacement if I were located in the US. However I am living in Brazil right now. I ended up sending it back to the distributor from whom I bought it. Maybe I can try getting another kit sometime in the future.
My guess is that the problem might be with the bridge since I had the kit and a separate motion sensor I received some time ago and none of the sensors would pair.

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That makes sense. Bummer that it could not be replaced in Brazil. I spoke with support and they are sending a replacement. I hope that one works. It’s discouraging because I have never had any trouble with my wyze products before.

Let us know if the replacement works fine when you receive it

I’m having this issue no matter which cam I try using.
I’d like to purchase a few more contact sensors but if I can’t even get the ones I have working…

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Will do! Fingers crossed!