Wyze sense log doesn't show closed events

On my Android 9 phone, with plug in 2.1.05, I noticed that when I click on my wyze sense to see the log activity, it only shows when things have been opened or left opened. It doesn’t tell me when things have been closed. It just shows the latest closed time. However, on my other phone with an older Android version 6, it shows the history of all events with closed and opened events. It has plug on 1.1.7.

Anyone noticed you don’t see the closed events on the history?

Yes. Status is “Closed” but there is no time stamp for when it was closed. Just that it was “Left opened” for a specific period of time.

Would like to see the Closed event time stamp as well.

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I guess I should add it to the wishlist.

I noticed this today as well. I get the notifications at the time of the event, but if i go look at the log it’s just a whole bunch of “left open” events which, ironically, i do not have notifications enabled for. Surely this is a bug. It would be great if we could actually see the sensor notifications in the normal events page with the camera events…possibly a configurable setting or something.

I realized it’s already on a wishlist here.