Contact Sensor - Show exact minutes, not rounded off estimated hours -Also better closed or "Left Closed" time log

Update the contact sensor log to make it possible to tell the exact time when something was closed and for the length of time it was closed. Currently, it only shows “Opened” and “Left Opened” and it estimates the amount of time, rounding off to a flat hour without the minutes. So if something is 1 hour and 29 minutes, it will just round off to say 1 hour, so you can never figure out the exact time for the contact change.

I use some sensors in reverse. For example, some doors to certain rooms are always left open unless they are being actively used (then they are Closed). I need to go back and refer to what times the door was closed, and for how long, to determine when and how long that room was used by the person.

Currently, the only way to know how long a door was “closed” for is to catch it while it is still closed and it will show me the time is was closed and is still closed. Once the door opens, that information is permanently gone. I can no longer see when it was originally closed nor for how long it was closed (not the exact minute of the change). At best, I can only get an estimate of during which hour it closed.

I thought I could just add the reverse of the open/left opened logs, but this turned out to not be true, particularly because Wyze doesn’t give exact minutes something was left open. If something was 1 hour and 20 minutes, it will just say “1 hour” making the time stamps impossible to figure out. Now I have no way to figure out the exact time something “CLOSED” or was closed for. This lowers the value of the sensor which should have exact time logs available, not just 1 hour rounded estimates. It might do the same thing for days (if something was open for 1 day, 10 hours and 15 minutes, will it also just round all of it off to 1 day, making it impossible for me to figure out even the exact hour of the change and making it almost worthless?

This should be a really easy fix since you definitely log the times somewhere. After all, I can get a notification with the exact times for open/closed. Why not give the exact minutes so we can at least figure out the exact time the event changed? At least then I can figure out exactly what time something closed and for how long, instead of estimates that can be up to an hour off on each end of the closed change.