Wyze Sense Hub - switch to WiFi?

I spent the last hour setting up my new home monitoring system directly connected to router as the instructions recommend. Now I need to move the Sense Hub to a central location where it will need Wi-Fi - but there’s no way to set this up!! The WiFi status field is blank and disconnecting the hub just results in “offline”. Direct setup never asked me about WiFi.

The only action I can see (IF it works…) is to delete the device, unplug the cable, and start all over again - but it warns me that I’ll lose everything I’ve done so far if I do that!!

Any ideas?
Can I add WiFi to an existing installed hub? (how?)
Can I reset the hub without a re-install?
Will I really have to re-install all my devices, rules and setup if I reinstall the hub?
Does the install process work on WiFi only? (Direct did not give me a WiFi option)

I called support but wasted 30 minutes convincing them that WiFi is even supported at all! They had no answers.



You can just unplug it from wired lan, tap the reset button, and add it again without removing it and it will work. I did this.


You are a genius - well, smarter than Wyze tech support anyway! This worked perfectly. Thank you SO much.

I would never have thought to add the device AGAIN, without deleting the first instance.

AND you knew a tap on the reset button would put it into the right mode!

This step should be explained in the standard documentation. I can’t be the only customer who follows instructions and sets it up by their router first!


It’s true.

However, I must credit a Wyze Tech for telling me about this. The responses you get are very spotty, especially since a portion of the technical support is now offloaded to a 3rd party.

On the other hand, this is exactly how resetting and adding back virtually every other product works.

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I take my hat off for you guys. Being struggling with the wifi issue for a while. Thanks

Just a note from 18 months later, This is still a confusing problem but the solution here, simply go to the app and hit “Add Device” without deleting anything, works perfectly.

Question: When I change SSID/Password in a new router. Can I reinstall the Sensor Hub with new router without reinstalling the senors?

I believe so.

Can someone confirm this? I’d hate to do this and then have to readd all of my sensors.