Wyze Sense Hub Firmware Released - 3/2/22

I’ve just done a factory reset. All sensors are gone but the hub is still in the same miserable status. No voice, no nothing. Cannot connect sensors.

Horrible. I regret going with Wyze.

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Try to contact support they’ve been very good with me they’ll send you another hub

You have a lot of sensors personally I wouldn’t have reset the hub it’s time consuming to reset them back up I would have requested a new one

Ok funny story. I’ve managed to return the defective unit to Amazon (I bought the bundle through Amazon). I also bought a replacement through Amazon. It arrived in literally 4h instead of two weeks which Wyze offered.

I’ve unpacked connected and spent 2h connecting all 45-50 sensors. Worked like a charm. I was hesitant to upgrade hub software because it felt dangerous…

I’ve connected everything. Worked fine. Then I noticed I must upgrade software to use climate sensors. I thought that since I already connected all the sensors I’m safe so I upgraded.

And guess what. It’s bricked again. Same symptoms, doesn’t connect, cracking sounds, doesn’t refresh sensors. It went bad directly after upgrade (it never worked correctly after upgrade, even for a minute).

The upgraded version is Not so sure what’s special about my system but this version seems to be corrupted!

Well, another Amazon return and another wasted plastic. I will get new one and just wait for new soft version without climate sensors…


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I wish someone from Wyze read this forum as clearly they have firmware bug destroying their brand new devices. I’ve spent 3h on the phone with some customer service rep from Philippines. She was polite etc but could not help. Wish I could just tell engineering team about reproduction steps.

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They are to busy working on a forth scale to read this.