Wyze Sense Hub Firmware Released - 3/2/22

Anyone else hearing random static out of your hub after updating to this firmware version?

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Yes. This new firmware is a hot mess! How do I downgrade? Also, the lights are randomly cycling. Another problem is the volume settings can’t be changed nor can you turn off the lights. This seems like alpha stage software.

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Strange behavior happening here. After about 15 minutes for the hub to settle all seems to be working properly. The crackling static sounds went away too.

Keep an eye on it and please keep us updated in here if you continue to experience anything out of the ordinary. I’m glad to hear that things eventually calmed down after a while.

If you have a chance, maybe submit a log for the hub and post the reference number in here so it can be reviewed by the devs.


Ok will do. Log submitted 487325

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Rules don’t seem to be working after the Firmware update.

Will be submitting a log and ticket tomorrow. Too late tonight. Zzzzzzzzz

None of my contact sensors will chime and I have no audio feedback voice at all. I just armed HOME to go to bed and … No audio at all. If it is still doing it tomorrow I will run it in test mode and trip it to see what it does.

Hope it is really armed like the app indicates. Please nobody break in to test it tonight.


I’m also not hearing any audio feedback when I open doors.

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Yep. I checked this morning and I’m not hearing any audio feedback either.

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Looking more into this and waiting until the morning. After updating the firmware last night. None of my Rules seem to be working anymore. Regardless if they are running off Motion V2 or Entry V2, or even just general daily schedules (Use this Wyze plug to turn on lamp at 8am, daily), none of them are working now.

Addionally all Motion V2, Entry V2 andy Keypads physically are not working. The lights blink when opening a door or going past a motion detector however none of my Rules actually happen, no lights on when motion happens or turns off if no motion or when I open a door, turn light on. I cannot arm or disarm from the keypad but looks like I can still through the app.

Lastly, like others, I don’t have any audio sounds from my unit when I open a door or window from Entry sensors. As well as no notifications from Entry or Motion sensors are coming to my phone.

I have submitted my log. My log number is 487715. I hope this gets fixed soon. I’ve only had HMS since November and it’s been a very rocky few months for this security system that is now gonna cost people double a month.

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I have had this issue as well. I have seen individuals rules and Sensor Status to start working 24 to 48 hours later. But others have said within 15 minutes it started to work.

I would watch this and as you have done, report with any supporting logs. Hopefully your sensors will start working soon on its own.


Bricked mine today. FW was not ready for prime time!

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Let us know if you get any changes. As mentioned, some people have see things randomly start working after just waiting a period of time. I hope yours gets resolved too.

Just don’t touch it for a couple of days and then see if it clears up. Mine did. Have you tried to do a soft reset? I did and then let it sit. :slight_smile: Everything is working today, but still cannot add a sensor or change the Tune Setting.

To do a reboot / Soft reset: Unplug the power and then press the button until the lights go out or change. Then plug the power back in. You should see the lights be solid and then cycle. When done it will be solid. Do not panic if it keeps cycling, that is what happened to me. after about 24 hours or so everything started to work again.
Did not lose any connected sensors.


Wyze had me do a hard reset. Wish I had visited here first. They are sending a replacement so painfully will have to reset all sensors and keypads.

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BLUF: (bottom line up front) = short read: Toggle all the settings so the hub can relearn what I wanted the first time I set them.

Long Read: The app FAILED to arm the alarm “home” last night even though the app indicated “home”. Woke up to find the keypad indicating “disarmed”. None of the contact sensors produce a chime on the HMS Hub. Keypad voice feedback does work, albeit FAR TO LOW EVEN ON HIGH! But this has been on the fix list since a Wyze update broke it almost 6 months ago.

Ran in test mode. The voice feedback from the hub is now working indicating Armed Away, Armed Home, and Disarmed. I don’t use the countdown chimes so I can’t help you there. I also don’t use rules or schedules with the HMS. I know…I’m boring.

While in test mode I was able to trip the alarm with a motion detector and I did hear “entry delay started” from the hub with the progressively faster countdown chimes. I also heard the disarm instructions from the keypad. The siren did sound but WEAK! C’mon Wyze…6 months! The app does seem to be arming and disarming appropriately now. No snags like last night.

A new development… After the alarm went off in test mode, the red “active alarm” appeared in the app. I disarmed the HMS in the app. Siren quit and the app monitoring tab showed green disarmed. Now, when I try to arm HOME, I get a toast cloud that says ‘you must resolve the active alarm before switching states’. It won’t let me re-arm even though the alarm has already been disarmed. Closing the app and reopening it does allow me to re-arm the system. Hello Wyze Devs… BUG.

When armed in Home mode I tripped the alarm with a contact sensor successfully and got the exact same results as setting off the alarm in away. Everything functioned normally. This time I disarmed with the cancel response button and my PIN and was allowed to then re-arm from the app without restarting it.

So… It looks like the contact sensor chimes are the only thing not working for me.

I went into the app and shut OFF all chime tunes. I pulled the plug on the HMS and it did announce it was running on battery power. I also got a push notification on my phone of the same. I then reopened the app and turned all the chimes ON. I tested several and they all chimed in normally.

So, I guess the fix is to toggle all the settings. Off then on again. As with MANY other places in the APP, the state being showed by the app is NOT reflective of the true and actual state on the hardware it is controlling. There are multiple discussions out there about this and is becoming an issue for me if I can’t trust what the app is telling me. Perhaps the accuracy needs to be addressed in Make a Wish Friday.

It looks like my HMS is back to normal. Hope this helps y’all, sorry for the long read. No ticket for me tonight.

Mine seems to be working fine now, including the tune settings and door chimes. The volume for the chime and voice prompts still seem a little low though, even set on loud.

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Mine magically started working this morning. Hmm. Testing all devices but so far so good.

Still was a bad firmware release and needed more alpha and beta testing. No software update should brick a security system!


Did you do anything to get everything working again? Mine is still down, no rules working, no sounds, and all motion and entry sensors say they haven’t been used in almost 2 days now.