Wyze Sense Hub Firmware Released - 3/2/22

@spamoni4 reported this issue in this week’s Fix-It Friday event, so hopefully we’ll get an official public update from Wyze about what we can expect with these bugs. Feel free to go “Like” spamoni4’s post to show Wyze you’d like to hear an update and the plans for resolving this bug too.

Also, feel free to contribute to the event by posting about any other bugs you’d like Wyze to be aware of.


When mine updated it said update failed and unit locked up. I had to reset/read it to get it back working. Once I did that all the sensors appeared to be ok and online. It was not until the alarm went off and we could not turn it off be the keypad before we knew we had an issue. I had to re add all the sensors back to the hub to get them working again.

You were able to add the sensors back? That’s new.
The update said it failed, but after you rebooted, what firmware version does it say is on there now? If it is a different firmware than that would explain why you were able to add sensors back.

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Hi, can you verify the tune settings are enabled for the sensors? And is the hub playing some other sound shortly before the entry sensor was opened?
Wyze app => Monitoring tab => Home Monitoring Settings => Tune Settings. There should be a tab for each sensor, with “On” of “Off”. If the sensor is “ON”, can you please open the sensor, observe the missing chime sound from the hub, then submit a log to us for us to look into it?
From Hub Settings => Wyze Support => Submit a Log => Alarm issues. Please fill in a description of your symptom(s)+repro steps, and be sure to Send Log Files, before hitting Submit? We’ll look into this.

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Thank you, We are looking into this log.


Lots of log files submitted by beta testers in the associated beta hub topic:

  • No hub Tunes/Chimes for sensors
  • Unable to reset sensors
  • Unable to add sensors

Log ID: 478603


Just thought I’d add me to the list. The chimes for my door sensors had been working after the last firmware update just fine, but they mysteriously stopped working either yesterday or today. I did try toggling them on/off a couple times, but no luck.

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And just as mysteriously as the chimes stopped, they have now come back today on their own. I’m guessing it was something on the backend.

I hope it is a backend issue. At least there is a Wyze Hub team member looking into the logs to figure it out. I have avoided updating to this firmware until I hear more…my functioning automations/rules are important to my Wife supporting my Wyze addiction :rofl:

I guess let us know if you continue to have abnormalities like that come and go.

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Just FYI, here is the response from Wyze about what some have reported after installing this firmware:

It wasn’t specified exactly where to post the answers to those questions, but I am guessing they want it in that Fix it Friday thread here:

So if you experience any of those issues from the hub and are able to help them with sending logs and answering those questions, I would encourage you to participate with what you can in that thread so they can figure it out to get everyone working properly.

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How do I find the F/W version for the bridge? I checked the camera that holds the bridge and it isn’t listed
That camera has a Micro SD card & I formatted it so it should be able to hold any newer F/W

Has anyone been able to find a way to add a Motion V2 or Entry V2 since the firmware update? Once of my Motions have been down since the firmware that I’d really like to get back up and running.

If anyone’s had any luck please let me know. Thanks!

I added another log with some screen shots as well. Log ID 498003.

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Your post reminded me it was still broke and I still had a sensor that failed paring. It prompted me to return to my hub… Still sitting there blinking at me in defiance. :rage:

Did a soft reset: Unplugged “Running on Battery Power”, pressed the reset until the infernal blinking stopped and unit reset. Waited a couple.minutes for it to wake up and get it’s bearings. Back to the app. Added a new sensor thru the path: Home Monitoring>Home Monitoring Settings>Home & Away>Your Sensors…Add. SUCCESS! New sensor added successfully. :partying_face:

Deleted the sensor from the app and verified it was gone in the home monitoring. Added the sensor thru the path: Home Tab + in upper right>Add Device>Sensors>Motion Sensor V2>Wyze Sense Hub. SUCCESS! New sensor added successfully. :hugs:

App Version

Still frustrating that a device would require a physical reset after a FW update to operate.

Will keep monitoring…no pun intended.


@kellygb12 are you referring to the Wyze Sense Bridge last FW updated in 2019 (v or the Wyze Sense Hub used with the Home Monitoring Service last updated to v (March 2, 2022)?

I don’t have a bridge so can’t help with that. But the Hub FW version can be viewed from the Home Tab>Select the Wyze Sense Hub in the Device List> Select the Settings Gear :gear: in the upper right>Device Info.

I would assume it is the same for the bridge. But the update in this topic was for the Hub.

Hope this helps!

The firmware version for the old Bridge is listed under the firmware version of the V2 camera in the camera’s Device Info screen (see below). If it is not listed there, then the Bridge may have died. Best thing to do that that point is try installing it on another V2 to make sure it isn’t the V2 that is at fault.

Also, the firmware is saved internal to the Bridge. The SD card is not used. You can use the SD card to transfer firmware to the camera, but it is only a one-time temporary storage space to educate the camera. The Bridge only updates thru the camera over-the-air.

Lastly, in case anyone is interested, the older Bridge does not connect to the new V2 sensors, only the older V1 sensors. The new Hub OTOH connects to both, but you can’t use V1 sensors for Home Monitoring – Just in Rules.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Just tried this three times. I’ll wait for the new firmware update. So frustrating to have this happen to my NEW home monitoring kit I just opened today. :frowning:

Sorry, senior moment. I was referring to the v1 bridge & sensors.
All -8- of my door sensors will not pair nor will the v1 motion sensor. I have the bridge in a black v2 camera. I hadn’t thought to move the bridge to another v2 camera. Will do that in the morning.
WZYZ wants me to move to the newer WYZE Sense home monitoring system. I hate to lose what equipment I have, but if they are making it obsolete-
In regards to info on the bridge, you go to the info for the camera holding the bridge & look into the accessory file - No information other than option to have the bridge light on or off
You are correct, I just looked and my bridge F/W it is in the V2 camera info.
I have bridge F/W and it reports it is up to date
The v2 camera F/W is and it reports it is up to date

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I sure hope the newer version of WYZE Sense Hub will behave better than what I have already. I really hate to put a bunch of time into a new platform only to see it dropped

I will defer to the Bridge experts on what is going on there. Not equipment I have any experience with.

As for the Hub acting any better… The jury is still deliberating. The last two updates have reduced functionality, not improved it.

EDIT: 3 of the last 4 updates.

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I am not aware of the V1 Sense system being shut down, so you are probably either experiencing a bug or a malfunction. Please do try a new camera.

Offhand, it sounds like a bad Bridge. Are you just setting this up for the first time? Or has it been working? If you are setting it up for the first time, do the sensors blink 5 times or 3?