Wyze sense / bridge range

I was lucky to find a spot for the Wyze Sense in the garage door opener that will correctly registered the status of open or closed (even though it shows only 1 signal bar on Wyze app).

The bridge and Wyze Pan Cam is on second floor and Wyze sense is downstair in the garage. The small part of sensor’s magnetic feature is strong enough to cling onto the metal part of the chain, and the larger part of the sensor is double-side taped onto the track. BTW, I did pair the sensor first when I was physically next to the camera first before I bring the sensor downstairs to install.

From your picture it looks like the sensors are a couple of inches apart, and it still reports open and close? I tried pairing mine when close to the bridge/camera too, and then put it in position on the garage door. It worked briefly, and then the signal was lost completely, no bars, it shows offline.

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@Caryten The sensors are about one inch apart, not exactly on the same level, more like a " - | " side-view orientation. I have only set it up today, so time will tell whether this setup (and its adhesive) can survive the repeated opening and closing of the garage door. Once the garage door open, the small sensor will travel while the large sensor will stay on the same position in the track, therefore report it as open garage door. When it is closed, both sensors are back into close proximity and reported closed.

Did you check to see if sensor’s button battery becomes loose? If it is still not operational, maybe yours is defective and should be replaced under warranty?

You can increase the range / distance between the 2 parts by replacing the magnet that they supplied with something more powerful. I haven’t popped open the sensor but it has either a Hall effect sensor or a reed switch, both of which change state (open/closed) based on a magnetic field. The stringer the magnet, the largest the field. I have SimpliSafe and I needed to use a fairly robust aftermarket magnet to get reliable operation. Pretty string rare earth magnets are also small and would be a good option. American Science and Surplus of Chinese via Ali/EBay. also, I just looked at the picture, the metal will certainly attenuate the sensor signal considerably thereby reducing the range. I have some small wooden blocks hot glued in place and the sensors attached to them.

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@kkychui Thank you for your reply. I have been in touch with Wyze and their technical customer support is almost non existent. The only thing they seem to be interested in is selling more sensors and bridges and cameras. I appreciate the suggestions I’ve found here, but ultimately I want a plug and play product that just works, not something I have to modify to get it to do what its supposed to do out of the box. Time will tell if they get around to really helping me?

If Wyze could confirm the RF/data protocol the sense system is using it would be be a lot easier to try and figure out why there are these issues. My wireless alarm contact sensors, which are zwave I believe, shoot through 2 rooms and a lot of metal to hit the base station. The sensors also make/break at least 1.5 inches apart no problem.

I’m super sorry about my delay here. Have you been helped by support since last you posted here? If not, may I please have your support ticket number so I can look into this?

After like 3 weeks or so since I put the first ticket in, finally someone reached out to assist me and arranged to send me replacement sensors. Today, you and one other person reached out to me too. I guess when it rains it pours is a truism. So, I got the new sensors today and set them up. One sensor on my kitchen to garage door has the same issue as the old one, ie…it only reports door open, but never reports it closing. So the status always shows open, and if I then open the door it will report its been opened. Strangely, I have another sensor on my laundry room literally parallel to the other door so both doors are more or less equidistant from the camera/bridge and the laundry room sensor correctly reports opening and closing. Signal strength shows 3 bars on both sensors. You can see what the set up is in this photo…

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Glad you’re in contact with the support team! We’re sorry that you had such a delay before we finally got in contact with you. That is a strange case and I’m glad that you’re already talking to the team. The photo is super helpful so please send this description and the photo to them if you haven’t done so already. :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issues. Did you get everything working? If so, did they replace your sensors, bridge, cam? Please let us know.

Hello, so yes, Wyze finally responded and sent me a replacement starter kit. I put one of the new sensors on the door from my kitchen to the garage, and it still responds incorrectly always showing the door open, while still correctly reporting each time the door opens. This annoys me, and I’ve asked them to help to figure out how to fix that, but no reply yet. Strangely, the other sensor on an adjacent door equidistant from the bridge reports all open and closes correctly. I abandoned putting the sensor on my garage door because I think it’s just too far from where I have the camera/bridge and I do not want to compromise on the placement of the camera which is perfect for my needs for that, and if the sensor on the door to the garage only works partially, I’m not going to waste my time trying to get the garage door sensor to work as it’s further away. Clearly the range of the bridge/sensors is not what it should be. I am going to use Notion sensors on my garage doors. They’re more expensive but I think their range is better. The only thing I haven’t tried is swapping out the old bridge with the new one, but if I do that I’m guessing I’ll have to reset the sensors again too, and I’m just tired of constant futzing with this, but I’ll probably give it a go.

Thanks for the update. I’m at my wits end. I’ve tried everything under the sun. I honestly thought that the issue was related to the distance between the bridge and my sensor but at 15ft, it should work.

After more and more testing, I created a video which shows a sensor 2" from the bridge. It worked for about 8 tries then all of a sudden it didn’t and remained open in the app. 3 bars, 2" away and that was all the proof I needed that I was chasing a ghost. I hate mysteries and am very good and diagnosing but no way am I going to able to solve it. Like most things today, customers are often the beta testers. I’ve wasted hours and hours. Now I know that its faulty hardware, software or both. Thanks again for the quick reply.


Same issue here .I have two motion sensors that will stay on motion detected. I have tried two bridges and multiple cameras. If I delete and add them the first motion detected they stay in the motion detected state. They worked ok for about 1 day and nothing I have tried has worked. These sensors are not reliable. These are not something you can trust for security . I guess i will put a support request in and wait a week for a response …

Sorry that you are experiencing issues with the sensors too. Hopefully they can get it all fixed. Good luck.

Am having the same issue! Have two of these sense and both of them are always showing clear. Have reset it twice and still no luck:(

We’re sorry for the trouble, everyone! If you haven’t already, please contact our customer support. We do want to help get this sorted out and working for you.

Submit a request – Wyze

Hey Gwen,

How long does it take for Wyze to respond to tickets? It’s been almost 5 days and no response. I even opened a return request 3 days ago hoping someone could address my issue and still nothing? What kind of ship are you guys running over there?

With 20 million in funding you’d think you guys could find the time to help your customers.

I believe the support backlog is at 14 days ATM, mostly due to the introduction of new products, I suspect.

They are a young company striving to bring a very affordable and reliable product, release of new products Can and often does come with certain caveats, one of which is a timeline adjustment. I am certain that they are just as concerned about the backlog of service requests as are we, the end customers… “patience grasshopper’ :wink:

I had over 3 weeks wait, but eventually had multiple responses and they are replacing defective items which I believe will solve all my issues. My take on it is they are driving very fast to release new products and focusing hard on selling those while having less staff on tech support / customer care.