Wyze sense and Nest thermostat

Have a Nest thermometer. If the Nest does not see movement for a period of time it thinks you are away, so shuts off. It is located in a part of house that can sees little activity and shuts down when we are actually home. My thought is use Wyze Sense motion detector to tell the thermostat that we are home.

Problem…I have no idea where to start to put these two talking.

Ideas please…

Try the app IFTTT. If this then that.
You should be able to make an applet there so for example if the Sense motion sensor detects motion it can trigger your Nest.
I don’t have a Nest so I can’t help more than this.

As @peek suggests I would start with IFTTT. But I believe the IFTTT integration with Nest is going away as Google rebrands everything away from the Nest name. You best bet might be to look at Nest/Google support of remote sensors.

@rbruceporter is correct, Google has pulled the Nest API platform and will be restricting it. When they do this I do not know if what you want will be achievable.

Just another reason to by Wyze Cam & not spend $200 + for something that has such a uncertain future…

Thanks … the google/nest fiasco makes this a short time fix.

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I’ll give that a try and keep you updated. Thanks


I agree, I already had a Nest but if the future takes away any abilities I use now, I will jump to something else

Did you manage to get the Nest thermostat and the Wyze Sense to work together?

No I didn’t…gave up for now.

Are you able to change the nest setpoint with an Alexa routine?

Did not try