Wyze Scale

It doesn’t need to be Homekit compatible in order for the App to use Healthkit. They are different APIs.

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Will it have a Wyze Cam included? (Just kidding):blush::crazy_face:
How sensitive will the Wyze Scales be? Could you use it for weighing cooking ingredients or meals for your diet for example? And then in the app it could calculate the calories and exercise requirements to burn that off.
Maybe this needs a separate set of smart scales specifically for the kitchen.

Verbal compliments like “Keep up the good work” or “Wyze supports your weight challenge”.

Will the Scales be purely about weighing, and NOT about the requirements for losing weight? As you will have to be sensitive in this respect, as not everyone needs to lose weight, as some people after surgery, are suffering from Anorexia nervosa or another illness need to gain weight.

I believe the scale is based on this hardware, so I assume the specs will be similar, if not identical.
Precision is definitely for a bathroom scale, not a kitchen scale. It can apparently track BMI, although I’m not sure exactly how that feature works.

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BMI is a simple calculation based on individual height and weight. Should be easy enough for any app or chip to figure out.

My current smart scale tracks muscle, fat, bone, and water mass using bioelectrical impedance analysis.

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Oh, I see. I just Googled it. I guess I was conflating BMI with body fat percentage, which isn’t the same. Body fat percentage would be tougher for a scale to measure precisely. Probably pretty impossible unless it has some kinda magic tech. Haha.

There are scales out there that do body fat percentage, I believe it’s done by sending a small electrical current through the body and measuring resistance


Cool! Sounds like magic tech to me. :slight_smile: Haha

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@WyzeGwendolyn In the Wyzies, it was mentioned that the target release date for the scale was early Q1 2020. Can you say anything about the latest anticipated release date? Thanks!


I’m still looking forward to the scale! Hopefully we’ll hear something soon.


Sorry, I’m not giving further information right now. We will have an update post about our products in the fairly near future, though. :slight_smile:


I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to use the same scale to measure food that everyones feet has been on…I imagine that most people would agree with me on that one haha

If posted previously please forgive me. Has a projected price been released? Or even hinted at?

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@jclar154 Welcome to the community! No, the prices are never released until the product goes up for sale. Everyone will be informed when the scale is announced for Early Access. :slightly_smiling_face:


@WyzeGwendolyn with all of the recent disruptions in the global supply chain and everything, do you think the Wyze Scale will still be released for early access this month?

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I do, actually. More information will come soon. Thanks for checking in! :slight_smile:


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Whoops! Forgot to update this. Early Access for Wyze Scale launched a while back and we’re now between the EA launch and the general launch. :slight_smile:

Now that the Scale is in Early Access, please keep all discussion about it’s usage, troubleshooting, feature desires, etc in the #early-access section.

If you have the scale, but cannot get to #early-access, please request to join Early Backers group here: EarlyBackers - Wyze Forum.