Wyze Scale X: Updated Design. Longer Battery Life. More to love - 6/8/2022

Do you want to know why we made another scale?

At Wyze, we update our older products to fit our customers’ needs better. We have worked to extend the battery life from 18 months to 22 months.

We updated the design to a slimmer center piece to allow larger feet to measure more easily.

We also added a new metric, Muscle Mass % which measures muscle mass as a percentage of total weight to be a more useful metric for our users.

Additionally, we developed our own heart rate measurement tool that lives inside the Wyze Scale X app so you no longer have to stand on Wyze Scale to measure your heart rate. You can do it anywhere from the Wyze app.

We built a pregnancy mode which essentially just turns off the electrical currents used to measure body composition as an extra layer of safety for pregnant people.

Meet Wyze Scale X, the next generation of Wyze Scale with a sleek new look, longer battery life, pregnancy mode, and brand new app design. Measure 13 unique body metrics, share access with family and friends, track trends, achieve your goals and see yourself succeed. Join the hundreds of thousands of Wyze Scale users on a journey to better health.


I am still confused about how an app can measure the heart rate without hardware connected or had contact with your body?

Hello @potterneo and welcome to the community.

The heart rate is actually measured by covering your phone’s camera with your finger.


It’s concerning when a company comes out with a newer product so quickly, because it’s just a way to bleed more money out of loyal customers. You’d think customers that already invested in the earlier versions would get a discount on the newer ones.

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Can you tell me what additional scale measurements are available since the last version of the scale (which I purchased)? Your information says there are 13 measurements. Perhaps you could list them. I have not been able to find them in your advertising.

I also put together this unofficial comparison.
Updated: 6/17/2022 Added Advertised Battery Life


Thank you for the list — also great summary chart. This should be “official”!


Customer service rep says they dont the scale app x available… wt heck. so they sell the product without the phone app selection for X. They ony have wyze scale and wyze scale S. Is the false advertising? Bait and switch? First time buying from wyze, not favorable I wonder if BBB.ORG has many compliments? On hold for hour to get a supervisor, again wt heck!!!

From what I can tell there really isn’t much of a difference between this and the original scale. This has pet mode, but other than that I really don’t see much of a difference. They should just push an update to the original to enable pet mode.

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Hello @theresenottheresa and welcome to the community.

We did find and correct an issue where the Wyze Scale X was not showing n the app and allowing people to add it. I apologize for the trouble you had.

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So does the new scale work with Samsung health? Because I purchased the original scale based on the promise that it was going to work with Samsung health. That was several years ago and I’m still waiting for this promised feature. I don’t think I’ll be upgrading the one I have until it does what I was told.

At this time, Scale X syncs only to Google Fit and Fitbit.

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And when will the original one work with Samsung health as promised?

Any idea when the scale will be available on the Canadian store?

You’ll learn that Wyze does a lot of false advertising.

This comparison tool is awesome! It saves me from having to create my own comparison spreadsheet to uncover all the information that manufacturers like to leave out.
(I would also add a line to show the advertised battery life, since that is one of the major ‘features’ being highlighted for Scale X.)

Also, “Pregnancy Mode turns off all electrical currents used to measure body composition as an added safety measure.” Does this mean that it’s dangerous for a pregnant person to use the Wyze Scale or Wyze Scale S?

Thank you for the Suggestion - Updated with data direct from the product page or FAQs

Wyze Scale - Pregnancy FAQ

Wyze Scale S - Pregnancy FAQ


Ah, thanks! I hadn’t seen that Pregnancy FAQ. So if you can turn BIA off on the Scale S, it seems that it essentially mimics the functionality of “Pregnancy Mode”.