Wyze Scale S Heart Rate

When will the Wyze Scale S measure your heart rate through the scales foot sensors? I don’t like to use my cellphone cam to take my heart rate. Thanks!

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This feature was added in the 2.26 release.
You should be able to find it in the Scale S main page by scrolling down.

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Well, that wasn’t helpful. Did you not read my question correctly? I asked if the Scale S was ever going to be able to read your heart rate through the scales FOOT SENSORS, meaning the scale itself, just like the original Wyze scale. I know that the Wyze app has the option to take your heart rate, but that option makes you take the rate by using your cellphone cam lens, which then is pretty inaccurate and leaves your cam lens all smugged up. So as you can see, I just want to know if this was ever going to be added, or will we just be stuck using our fingers and cellphone cams?

Well shoot, my apologies. I honestly thought that was reading through the pads now. Not the phone. As the release notes read as if the feature was added.

I combed through all the releases but was not near my scale s. Sorry for not physically validating.

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Yeah, I need to know if this will ever be added, and if I don’t get an answer soon, I’m going to return it.

I did hit up one of the Wyze associates in discord asking if reading the heart rate from the Scale S and not the app was a feature that would be considered in the future. I will pass along any info I am able to obtain.

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Awesome! Thank you! :grin:

While a timeline was not provided. The response was that the capability for the Scale S to take the Heart Rate Measurement from the physical Scale Utilizing the electrodes is under development.

From the FAQ section of the Wyze Scale Product Page

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