Wyze Scale - Automatic Heart Rate reading

Could an option be added to automatically measure heart rate when the scale is taking its other measurements instead of having to open the app and manually trigger it?


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I agree that heart rate should automatically be taken or at least be something that is automatically started after the BMI reading. It’s getting old having to click the app for this.


I was planning on suggesting this feature, but I already see it is here. It would be nice it if could all be done in one sequence - Step on the scale → Weight → BMI → Heart Rate. Done.

I agree, it should be able to do all those calculations at once.

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I would like the scale to automatically check my pulse during other measurements, rather than have to get off, request it thru my phone, get back on and wait again. Love it other than that.


Seems silly that it doesn’t do this already

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Always seemed like a silly step…

I agree. Now that the scale is readily available for the public, I wonder if this can now be on the “to-do” list.

This is my first wyze product and I’m surprised it doesn’t automatically take pulses

Agree. Auto HR yes/no/on demand could be selected in settings…

Auto heartrate at the end of the weighing sequence. Seems like it would be a quick firmware upgrade… Hope this happens!

I think we’ve seen our last update for the Wyze Scale tbh.

Going to be half a year since the last one soon

Typical for Wyze to abandon product software updates that actually improve the product. Seems their business model is to push customers into their newest product line, when the previous product isn’t even old.

Yes, please add this!!