Wyze Scale How to Add Heart Rate to Display

I have the original Wyze Scale and when I step on it, it shows weight and then BMI. If want to see my heart rate I have to use the app and select it, then it shows on the scale. Is there a way for it to automatically show on the scale without using the app, like my weight and BMI, or better yet remove the BMI in favor of heart rate?

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Does anyone know the answer to this?

No, but we’ve asked for it via Wishlist:

Forgot I voted for this feature. But we never hear if Wyze is even thinking about doing the things we vote on or how long the voting lasts. It’s so disappointing because a lot of the things we ask for are really no brainers and should have been included with the product launches. Especially when Wyze advertises a product that implies it does something that it doesn’t do at launch, like the Air Purifier hourly graph dots. They added that feature later but the advertising picture clearly showed it could do that at launch and it couldn’t.