Wyze Scale X Doesn't Show Option to Sync to Second Fitbit Account

The Wyze Scale X is advertised as having the ability to sync with Fitbit. While one account can sync their wyze scale account with their Fitbit (through the “Authorize 3rd Party Apps” function), there is no option being shown to “Authorize 3rd Party Apps” under settings when the second account is selected.

Is the Wyze Scale X enabled to allow more than one account to sync with Fitbit? If so, what could be the problem here? I am successfully able to sync the first account with no issues.

If the Wyze Scale X is not enabled to sync with more than one Fitbit (i.e. one per account on the scale), is this feature planned to be added via an update to the software/firmware, and the app? If so, when is this expected to be added?

I have tried searching for responses to this online but have not had any luck. Most relevant issues appear to be around issues syncing even one account with Fitbit, but this is not the issue here.

As far as I know you can only sync with 1 account. Only the main account in the scale has this functionality.

Please use the #wishlist to suggest this is added!