Wyze scale problem. Help. Won’t turn on

Hi Macgyuver, thanks for feedback. Can you please help submit a log from scale settings-- support–feedback–other and let me know the ticket number? We will send you a replacement.

I submitted the ticket via the Wyze app and did not see any ticket number, however I will provide all the information I can.

Registered email account: [MOD EDIT]

Serial number:2caa8e4028cc

Order number:001430304

Best Regards
Matthew Leman

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I too submitted via app and didn’t get a ticket. I did a new ticket today. [Wyze Ticket 528081] Request received: scale firmeware failed… scale wont boot

Thanks Allen, we will send you a replacement.

I resubmitted a support ticket and now have Wyze Ticket 528739.

Thanks Matthew, we will check the log and figure it out.

Thank you. I’ll check in before running any firmware updates.

Ticket number 6295. Thank you!

Hi Yuanyasmine, may I have your ticket number or mac address? We will fix the issue, thanks!

Any update on my ticket?


Best Regards
Matthew Leman

Yes, same for mine that just arrived today. Please help.

Hi @jmrosu jmrosu, thanks for feedback. Can you please help submit a log from scale settings-- support–feedback–other and let me know the ticket number? The firmware is not available for now, can you provide more details about your problem? We will try our best to fix it. Thanks!

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Hi @barrygabler Barry, we found and fixed the issue, the 2.10 will not have this problem, thanks!

@WyzeAlex got the replacement scale in 2 days ago. I set it up using the production app but afterwards loaded beta back (2.10.32) Its prompting me for a scale firmware upgrade to version v1.1.0. Should I go ahead and upgrade from my iPhone XS? You never really described what caused the edge case problem? Was it model of phone? Just worried about bricking my scale again after having it work 2 days straight :slight_smile:

I am waiting for replacement. I am also wondering procedure I should follow to not repeat bricking my scale.

I received my scale two days ago. It paired with the app quickly (like all my other WYZE products) and has been working fine since ( like all my other WYZE products). Never got a message to update the firmware. It is running 1.0.2 I am figuring it out and then I will add my wife. She wears socks 24/7 except to take a shower so catching her with bare feet will be difficult.

Has then been any update on a replacement scale or possible fix for the one I have?

Still waiting on my replacement or notification if one has been sent. no response from ticket via email

I love this scale, but 1 week after we got it, my wife tried to do an upgrade, which failed. Now it will not turn on.
I opened a support ticket.
Order# 001516452

Got the replacement scale. Im running new beta firmware. Should I perform any firmware updates if asked?