Wyze Scale Heart Rate Measurement Inaccuracy/Failure

Many customers, often (but not always) older folks, have arrhythmic or irregular heart rates. This is much more common than your WYZE scale programmers might realize; hence, this post. For instance, my heart rate is sometimes arrhythmic (not a medical issue in my case) and when this happens, the WYZE heart rate monitor often simply fails to register a heart rate at all, often giving an escalation point (!) instead of a reading with, say, an arrhythmia indicator (! is not cutting it). Well, many free android or iOS apps with a fingerprint reader do much better than that, arrhythmia or not. They actually produce fairly accurate readings, often with clear arrhythmia indications. In fact, most other heart rate monitors work better. Why can’t my WYZE scale do at least this good? If you are going to offer real-world heart rate measurements in the real people population, then learn to do it well (professionally) or remove it from scale. Currently, it appears to be designed and coded by an amateur, behaving like a toy, frankly.

Dr. B