Wyze scale body composition measurement - wetting feet required

I’ve been using the Wyze scale for about two weeks now. It seems I must always dampen the bottom of my feet to get the scale to measure body composition. I’ve previously owned scales that measure body composition, and never had to do this in the past. Is there something I can do to eliminate this seemingly required step in order to get the promised data from the scale?

I notice the same thing. Maybe my feet are too dry, but I had another comparable scale that never failed a reading. The whole wetting the feet troubleshooting step is disappointing. Big difference in my old scale was it had metal contacts, 4 of them, that your feet touched while on the scale. This Wyze scale takes measurements through the glass top. maybe that’s the difference. Idk. I find most of my Wyze gadgets look nice, be kind of inexpensive, yet work only sporadically and are unpredictable.