Wyze Scale and Garmin Connect

Another Garmin user (formerly Fitbit). PLEASE add Garmin Connect sync and integration with the Wyze Scale.

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This is my current setup:
Wyze sends weight info to Fitbit (I don’t have fitbit devices just created the account for this purpose)
Fitbit syncs with MyFitnessPal everytime new weight is registered
MyFitnessPal sends weight information to Garmin Connect

Hope this helps

Is this working for you? Based on Myfitnesspal’s write up of their API connection to Google, this doesn’t work. I’ve tried this exact same setup, and it is broken because the API’s are only one direction with weight metrics.

See my write up above.

If it is working for you, I’d love to see where I’ve gone wrong, and what you did to make it work!

Did you have to install the Fitbit app on your phone (along with MyFitnessPal and Garmin Connect?) If so, sounds like all that syncing would be hard on your phone battery. I’ve already uninstalled the Fitbit app from my phone and don’t want to have to use 2-3 apps and accounts just to get my weight measurements into GC. It would be so much cleaner if Wyze would add syncing with GC.

In my case I go from

  1. Wyze to Google Fit to Lose It and
  2. Garmin Connect to Google Fit to Lose It

I chose the Mobile os app since it’s already running and in many of the previous articles they describe Fit and in Apples case there app as a central repository.

Fit isn’t perfect and from time to time after one app or Fit has received an update Sync stops and I need to Logout and Login each app to Google Fit to enable the sync.

As of July 20th, 2021, it is indeed working. I stepped early this morning on the Wyze Scale and I have my weight info on Wyze, Fitbit, MyFP and Garmin.

Important note: I’m not using Google Fit as part of this sync process. I do have Google Fit, and Google Fit is directly linked to Wyze as well but Google Fit has nothing to do regarding getting the info to MyFP.

The weight info is traveling through FitBit and not Google Fit. The info goes

Wyze scale → Wyze app → Fitbit → MyFP → Garmin

I do have the FitBit app installed on my phone even though I don’t use it nor Fitbit products. I went through their webpage when I made the connection and I can see it in their web portal but I’m not sure what would happen if I uninstall the app.

You can try this setup i put together : GitHub - svanhoutte/wyze_garmin_sync: Scale sync between Wyze Scale and Garmin connect
it syncs everything from wyze scale to garmin connect excepted BMI, this will be for next step.

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I was able to make it work by going through a lot of hoops. You need to have a Fitbit account (even if you don’t have a Fitbit device), and a MyFitnessPal account. The sync flow is Wyze => Fitbit => MyFitnessPal => Garmin. It’s kind of crazy, but it worked for me.


  • You need to open the Fitbit app for it to sync with Wyze, it doesn’t happen in the background as one would hope.
  • Fitbit pulls weight and body fat, but MyFitnessPal and Garmin will only get the weight.

In my case I don’t need to have the fitbit app open. I never use it and the weight data flows between apps. It is not instant, but I’m not too worried to verify that it indeed reached MyFP and Garmin. I would say that it takes probably 10 or 15min after using the scale. Since I’m not constantly checking this, whenever I open my Garmin or MyFP apps, the info is there

I’ll give it a try. Maybe I just need to give it a few minutes. Thanks!

But you don’t populate all the information you are actually getting from the scale into Garmin only weight body fat and BMI. that s pretty limited no ?

Yeah, it’s really limited. It’s actually only the weight and BMI on Garmin, no body fat…

I’m curious how this works. Wyze website says that their scales don’t connect to WiFi - they only use Bluetooth. So how does your code work? It looks like it needs to connect directly to the scale over the LAN…

It is connecting to your account. The scale transfers the data to your phone through Bluetooth, then your phone upload the data to Wyze servers. The script recover the Data by calling the Wyze servers not the scale.

Interesting, ok. Why are there mentions of the mac address of the scale in the code, then? (It shouldn’t have a mac)

The mac address is made to identify the scale amongst all the Wyze devices associated to your profile. This is the unique ID.

Alrighty I hope this works. Because I’m buying a wyze scale and am going to try this code :wink:

It does i m using it quite often ! raise any issue on Github if needed.

Still haven’t had a chance to try but thanks for making the code, will do asap.