Wyze Rules trigger question

I was setting up some rules based on Smoke and CO alarms. I noticed that I can only do this with V2 cameras and it doesn’t seem to be available to V3’s. Is this a bug or is this as intended?
All Cameras and Wyze app are up to date.

Yes, apparently at this time, that is only available on V2 cameras.

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That is disappointing that the newest hardware doesn’t have the same features but at least now I know I’m not doing something wrong!
Thank you!

I have them linked to my HMS (v11) App 2,22.21 ?

I am able to link them in both the HMS & V3 Cam.


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I don’t use HMS so that won’t work for me but glad it works for you

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Okie Dokie !

Sounds, like you should contact support on line to troubleshoot, the issue.

Hopefully, they’ll issue an app / cam update / fix.

Seems odd since you can change camera settings to send an alert and record video.