WYZE RTSP and connecting thru Alexa to Echo Show and/or Amazon Firestick TV

The WYZE April newsletter indicates the RTSP firmware is available for download, but as much as I’d like to have RTSP I only want it IF it does not stop my WYZE cams from also connecting thru Alexa.

IF you view your WYZE cams using Alexa on the Echo Show and/or Amazon Firestick TV and have tried installing the RTSP firmware, has the RTSP firmware affected your ability to continue connecting thru Alexa also ?

On another thread I read where one person did not have a problem, but another person did have a problem, I’d like to read about several more experiences from different RTSP users to have a better idea if the RTSP is less likely or more likely to affect connecting thru Alexa,

Thanks !

Anyone use RTSP and Alexa without problems ?

I’d also like to know. Has this been answered anywhere else?

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I have not heard more about it, the reason I wanted to know was because I had a Windows phone and Wyze did not have an app for Windows phones, but now that I switched to an Android phone I can view my Wyze cams remotely thru their Android app and still be able to use Alexa at home to view the same cams thru Echo Show as well as a Fire TV stick.

I gave priority to not wanting to mess up access using Alexa over having Windows phone access as I had other non-Wyze cams I could see thru my Windows phone, so I did not risk trying RTSP myself.

(when I used a Windows phone I hoped RTSP would allow access using a non-Wyze windows phone app WITHOUT messing with my Alexa access, but no need for even trying RTSP now since I am back on Android)

I would keep searching this forum as well as the web with search words like RTSP and Alexa in case there is new info posted about it.

I have a NVR and I’d like to record on it while also still keeping the Alexa feature. I guess I could just try but I sort of doubt it works.

If you try RTSP and can’t access the camera thru Alexa, is it possible to revert back to the original firmware if you decide Alexa access is preferred over NVR recording ? Let us know if Alexa still works if you do decide to try RTSP. Thanks ! (since we switched to Android phones we no longer need to even try RTSP ourselves)