Wyze Room Sensor-No Readouts

True, this is what the issue is. Wyze is working on this issue, I have been providing info and as I hear things, I will post.

However, the display of the Temp in the App has no bearing on the functionality of the Remote Sensor with the Comfort Control. The Display is only a display.

My first three sensors would have a red exclamation point next to them. They displayed temp in app for a few hours, then stopped. I reset all three sensors, reset thermostat, and the temperature shown in app never changed.

I contact Wyze via phone and had all three sensors replaced.

I connected all three of my new sensors, but now I get dashes only in app, no temperature.

Android Beta Wyze app version: 2.31.0(145)
Thermostat: 1.2.1
Sensor: 1.1.0


The Exclamation Mark in the app next to the Remote Sensor is to show you that you are at or near the Threshold temp you set for the sensor. Meaning, the delta between the T-Stat and the Remote Sensor should not exceed the value you selected. However, with the Display being incorrect, this happens a lot. I set my Threshold to 10 degrees until it has been corrected. No need to return the sensors or switch them, this will happen until the display is corrected.

With all that is going on, I have been evaluating and testing these devices extensively, as I used to have an ecobee and wanted to compare things. I have determined that the Comfort Control Settings are not affected by the issues with the T-Stat Remote Temp Display. The only issue you will realize is the threshold temp notification with an exclamation mark. In addition, if you receive the – it will remove itself from comfort control. When it gets a temp back, it will then allow you to add it back. This is the one nuisance i am enduring.

But it never shows a temp, just -. I don’t get an exclamation point anymore…and they are all added to my comfort.

So what you saying is, although the app shows -, or no temp, the sensor is still working? And we should wait for Wyze to update firmware/software? I am a beta tester too.

It surprises me that these were released with these issues no ironed out. I am confident Wyze will fix this issue, but still unacceptable.

You wont get the exclamation point if the app cannot read the Temp of the remote. Or better yet, if the display cannot display the temp. If you are able to add the Remote Sensor to the Comfort Control with the – then I would say it is working.

Easy way to test this: Look at the T-Stat Temp, look at the Temp on the Remote Sensor(s) in comfort control. Add them all up and divide by the number of sensors + 1 for the T-Stat. That should provide a temp close to what you will see in the app main t-stat page at the top where is will say “it’s xx in your home” xx being the calculated temp.

to ensure you are not caught by the Auto Comfort which activates Motion, turn that off for now, this will ensure you can calculate it easier. Otherwise, you will need to go into comfort control area of the app and see what the system thinks is included in the Comfort Control.

That is what I am doing. I am monitoring and providing logs for Wyze to review. I would send @Chuan your logs as well. The more we provide the faster that can figure this out.

This is not a trivial thing to do as there are a lot of conditions which needs to be taken into account.

Curious if you sent back the Remote sensors yet or if you have them around? If you have them around, pair them to the remote, or one, and put it next to one of your other sensors. See if the T-Stat will display a temp, even if it is not correct.

It may remember your old sensors.

I still have the sensor, but I’m not sure what you mean? The thermostat has always been displaying a temperature, regardless of whether the room sensor existed. The problem is in the app.

Yes, the problem is with the T-Stat device in the app when it displays the Remote Sensors.

You will always see the T-Stat on the Main Page and in the Remote Sensor Page. In the Remote Sensor Page you will also see the Temp of every Remote sensor you have added to the T-Stat. Similar to my image below:

However, the Temp’s for the Remote Sensors on this page is not accurate, they will also show – sometimes.

Here is what I am, and have been, saying. This page is only used for displaying the remote sensors and when your Threshold temp is met or exceeded. But when they are being used in the Comfort Control, as my Family Room is, the Temp on the sensor is actually used and not the temp being displayed on the screen. I have tested this over and over again with the same results.

In my image you can see my Family Room Temp is showing 71 degrees, but in reality, my Family Room is at 72 and will go up to 73 or 74. When I use my T-Stat Temp of 71, which is accurate, and add the Actual Family Room Remote Sensor Temp and then divide by 2, I will get the Temp shown on the main page at the top of the screen as shown in this image. NOTE: as I am writing this my T-Stat is now at 72 and the Remote Sensor in my Family Room is at 72 as well.

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Good news… Wyze has determined the cause of the app’s incorrect display of sensor data. The fix will require a cloud update only and Wyze is currently planning on pushing the fix out sometime this Wednesday. Thank you for your patience and a big :+1: to those who submitted logs.


That is great news. Thanks for the update.

Been monitoring my sensors and the sensor page, as of 9:36am Eastern Time, it appears that the sensor page is starting to match up with the actual sensors. But it is looking better


I think my Room Sensor just just corrected itself. I have 2 locations. 1 location has 3 sensors and all 3 got stuck and displayed incorrect readings after 1 month of use, so I requested an exchange which was processed. My other location has 1 add’l sensor, and that sensor readout got stuck with an incorrect reading last week. I decided not to get a replacement and let it ride a bit longer. I just looked at it today, and it had corrected itself. Did the fix go in?? I would be impressed if it did.


My three sensors are now reporting temp and humidity through the app as well :slight_smile:

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Yep, Same here. Both are now reporting the correct temperatures. This is great news!

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I think they have been putting the fix in place. Mine is working as well


My sensor is displaying correctly now in app, but on a hunch I stacked the data against a friends calibrated off the shelf room sensor and the Wyze readings are jacked up.

<$30. Vs $5>

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All good on my end.

My dear customers,
I just released the fix from our end. It should work as designed. Plz let me know if you still experience issues. Thank you so much for staying with us.


All good here. Thank you for the fix.

Still experiencing an issue with my sensor giving inaccurate readings.



Should have included you in these links. I am having a slight issue with the T-Stat in the app. App shows not connected to WiFi, but I am able to control the T-Stat from the App and it also shows full signal as well. The T-Stat itself does not show no WiFi.

I submitted 2 logs:

From Today - 611786
From Last Night - 611140 (NOTE: Removal of the T-Stat and plugging it back in seemed to correct the display to show connected)

These are the links I added to the RC Beta Topic: