Wyze Robot's poor suction

Really disappointed by the suction. Best performance on the lowest vacuum setting; worst on the strongest setting. Appears that the wheels keep raising the device as the suction gets stronger. After running Wyze robot, I ran my 3.5 year old iRobot and the latter picked up much more dirt than the Wyze Robot. Not sure why the suction is so poor.

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I’m having issues with the suction as well. When I first got it, I could hear the varies suction levels. Now I get set it on any level and see no difference. It goes right over items and doesn’t pick them up. Unless the brush sweeps them to the center.

Has any solved this? Vacuum radar and mapping is fantastic, but I’m disappointed with the actual cleaning. My Neato would fill the bin running once in a large room, but the Wyze can run a few times in same space capturing much less dirt.

Mine had to be replaced. The new unit is working well.