Wyze Robot Vacuum Mapping

Recommendation: Do your mapping on the lowest suction level to get a full map done. I found that if you interrupt the vacuum charging, before the initial clean is finished, the maps get generated and they are not optimal. Plan on finishing on full mapping (took me 4 charges…1x 100% and 3x 60%).

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Who’s got time to do that. We’re at home all day and it’s noisy.

That’s what I did. It isn’t bad to do that one time. I’m also home all day with my family still working from home; I haven’t found it distracting.

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I did this the second time I tried to map. I’ve watched this vacuum get down to 8% power at which point it quit trying to vacuum got noticeability quieter and returned to dock so it has the mode when battery is low.

Maybe the App can be updated to allow just a mapping mode where no suctioning at all to give it the battery life to walk the entire perimeter of each room and allow you to let the system know you would a room to stop and start in the exploration.


If I join the beta will I need to remap? Or will my saved map transfer?

You should vote for that feature: Wyze Vacuum Scan Request/Mapping only (whole house or single room)

Don’t know. I didn’t have map editing until I went to beta.

Lucky you! I’m beta but it doesn’t show the editing.

I have the same issue, the map is not available, then when I clean again it remaps the whole house again

Is there a way to save the map after it finishes the complete vacuum

Multiple floor option select would be really great. I’ve got mine dialed in nicely on the main floor. I hate to mess that up by taking it upstairs for a spin.


Agree. I have moved mine upstairs, deleted the map and ran it and it does a good job of mapping and cleaning in one go. But if you could just map floor 2 and carry it up and down it would be nice.

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Super excited now with the latest firmware update. I can split/merge my map and name it what I want. Hope multi floor support comes later.


This may be a totally dumb question but I just got my vacuum and ran it getting 628ft om 1.6 hours on a full charge. How do I get it to map the rest of the house? My first floor is about 2000 square feet so I need to map 4 more bedrooms. I thought after it charged it would go back out and finish but it do not. Am I to just hit clean again and it will finish mapping?

Get the beta. Delete map. Go into map editor, click the 3 dots and do remap.

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Try picking it up and carrying it to the rooms and hit Clean.

My experience, without beta, is that it will continue to map after charging ad long as: 1) the vac returns on its own to charge and 2) while it is charging the connection to the charger is not disconnected (even for a moment). It will charge back to 60% and go back out for another session.

If you empty the dirt bin one must be careful not to separate from the charger or it will reset.

Not sure if the option is in the production release yet but in beta there is also a quick mapping feature. The WRV only maps and does not clean, It did 1500 sq ft for me in about 14 minutes.

If you have an existing map you would need to reset it then you will see the option for quick mapping on the primary screen… again not sure which version that came out in off the top of my head.


Thanks, I will get the beta and try it out.

I am going to get the beta and try and do the quick mapping. Thank you so much for the help!

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My Wyze refuses to add 2 rooms to the map though it does detect them but cordons them off. Not sure why. Trying the quick mapping now. I think its out of beta as I found it on my Wyze android app.