Wyze robot vacuum failed to charge itself by pushing itself too hard towards the charging station

I have recently noticed that my Wyze robot vacuum often failed to charge itself. After some observation, I have noticed when it gets to the charging station, instead of touching the charging contacts gently, it tries to push itself very hard towards the charging station. My charging station is placed against a wall but not screwed onto the floor, so when the vacuum pushes itself very hard to the station, the station will recline backwards until the contacts are no longer touching and this causes the vacuum fails to charge.

Is this a bug that anyone has also noticed? How do I fix this problem (I don’t want to screw the charging station onto the floor, I may need to move it from time to time)?

I have ceramic tile floors and use 3M Super Strength Molding Tape to secure the charging base to the floor. My base is against the wall also.

We use this for many things. It has not left a residue on anything we have removed it from.

Wyze prefers more space around the base so the vac can dock. Our base is under the kitchen table.

The device in the background is a Dome Mouser mouse trap. It is paired to my Hubitat smart home. We live right next to a big field so mice can be a problem when the field is harvested.


I have the same problem as the OP. The vacuum has never done this before and I’ve had it for quite some time. It’s only recently that it decides to push hard towards the charger until it knocks the charger off the level floor and causes it to stop charging. This isn’t a problem with the dock. Something is wrong with the vacuum. Is there some kind of reset or other fix that will fix the vacuum and not just be a bandaid (or double sided tape)?

I have a video of what it does if an admin can allow me to upload vids.

Here you go all! Please see this link!