Wyze push notifications throught IFTTT and Alexa

If I am not in the correct area, I apologize. I am looking for advice. Currently I use the wyze cams and made a recipe in Stringinfy to turn on and off push notifications based upon the action I have set up in IFTT which is triggered in the smart home area of Alexa, by saying my phrase ( Alexa, I’m leaving). Alexa will stop playing music, turn off all of my lights and wait 1 minute then turn on push notifications for my Wyze cams. Since stringify is going away, I need an alternative. I know I can set up a geo location in IFTTT, but I like having it all built into 1 voice command, so people that don’t use the app on phones would still be able to control this set up. I have this also set up with Siri using “Launcher” but that doesn’t work with Alexa. Any advice?

I would think you could create an IFTTT applet using the Alexa “say a phrase” trigger combined with the Wyze “turn on/off notifications” action.

Sort of yes. But right now all I say is “Alexa I’m leaving” and it fires everything in the Alexa app as well as pulls the Stringify recipe. If I was to use the ifttt trigger phrase I would also have to tell Alexa to trigger that separate.