Wyze products need better connection retry algorithms

I have a lot of different Wyze Cams. I also have some other Wyze products, including sensors.

I dread power outages (black out), or even power drops (brown out), because whenever they happen, the vast majority of my Wyze products need to be manually power-cycled. Why? My best guess is that the connection retry algorithms that the programmers are using give up too soon.

If a Wyze product experiences a power failure, the chance that the WiFi router also experienced a power failure is pretty high. If the network takes 5 minutes to come back online, and the Wyze device gives up retrying to establish a new connection at 4 minutes, of course the Wyze device will never come back online until it is manually power-cycled.

If Wyze devices were programmed with adequate “exponential backoff”[1] [2] retry pattern algorithms, perhaps I would never have to manually cycle my Wyze devices again.


Actually, I have spoken with one of the managers about a similar issue, some of the devices use what is basically a Fibonacci sequence to decide when they’re going to try and send a heartbeat and reconnect. So in order to conserve each subsequent attempt is a little bit longer than the one before it. So if it’s a longer duration lack of connection it could be a bit of time before that particular device searches again.

In speaking with the person I have, there’s also been a noted disconnect with some type of routers and The devices ability to reconnect to it at times. This is a known issue and one I am told his team is actively working on. Sadly I do not have a time frame for this.

I would love to be able to give you more details to this but I only speak in generalities because I wasn’t given exact details myself. But rest assured that it is known and is actively being worked on.


I suspect they’re still working on it…