Wyze products missing from App Shop Tab

I have v2.8.24 of the app installed and I noticed that both the Wyze Cam V2 and the Wyze Cam Pan are missing from the shop tab of the app. Is anyone else having the same issue? Also, I tried to create a support ticket for this within the app twice, and both times it wasn’t able to submit the ticket.

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I’m running a different firmware version and in the app none of the cameras appear in my either. @WyzeGwendolyn FYI.


I’m on also on 2.8.24 and I don’t see any cams either. They are available on the Wyze website however.


I’m running 2.9.18 - no cams at all. V2 or Pan. @moderators - somebody want to Kick this up?
Checked the test apps also- one has no products at all, none have cams.


Thank you, @tomp. Test apps now usually have the store deliberately removed by the devs, but the public release should have all products in it.

Is everyone in this thread using the public release?

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Just did a quick download to check. I’m assuming this is current public since it just came from App Store:

No cams in Shop:

Yes, that does look the current public for iOS.

Public here… Android and iOS.


Everyone, I have been told Wyze is currently working on the shop, so it is a known issue. All of their products are still available from the website. They appreciate your patience. :slight_smile:


I get the following message on my iPad when I go to the Shop in the Wyze app. :slightly_smiling_face:


The cameras are currently in the shop now. I just checked. The whole page has been reworked.

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I’m still getting the same message on all of my devices. Maybe they took it back down? :thinking:

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Must’ve. It was all there around 9pm central. But I get the same page as you now

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For at least a month now, when I select “Shop” option from the Wyze app, I get a message:

"We are currently performing maintenance . . . . " This has been going on for some time. I an running Wyze app V2.9.24 and IOS 13.3.1. Is this the new normal?


Yep. They direct you to order from the website.