Wyze products made in USA

When can customers start seeing verified Made in the USA products? There is HUGE trend for Americans to demand Made in the USA products, NOT out sourced, but actually made here!

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Your Title is an oxymoron

Your reply is problematic, it seems that as your products are clearly labeled made in China you obviously dont look at your own products, they must be out sourced and are unable to respond positively!

WYZE Made in USA Camera V3, $149.99.

Just for people to recognize the truth, the WYZE products are made in CHINA, [mod edit] Here is an example of the no longer working 360 pan cam specifics, Wyze pan cam
model WYZECP1 SV===2A
Made in China
MAC: 2C:AA:8E:37:CO:E8. I could attach a picture but then all [mod edit] would just claim its photoshopped

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Well this is a confusing thread. Wyze is entirely about imports. As a bargain brand they are the LAST kind of electronics company I would expect to ever manufacture anything stateside. Was anyone anywhere under any other impression?

It would be great to see electronics manufactured in the US but I’m not aware of any. Do Harley Davidsons count?

I’ve never understood phrases with “start” in them.
We “started” seeing products made in USA a hundred+ years ago, sometime before 1800 : )
There are products made in the USA, and will continue to happen. The problem is the cost of manufacturing - it costs waaaaay more to manufacture a mechanical or electronic device in the US …

… and that extra cost is passed on to the consumer, who will most likely look for a $25 camera made somewhere else, like in China.
FWIW, I’ve been a motorcyclist for many many years. A very popular tire for riders of my bike brand has been manufactured in China for the last couple years.

The “argument” for the positive side of this is that the plant in China is a VERY modern facility, with the latest in manufacturing toolsets.
The ONE downside - does the tire brand KNOW the quality of the materials used (your know, the “rubber” material) is comparable to that used in the native facility?
About the only thing “made in USA” are most animals and foliage (trees and such).

Sir or madam, again, this is a particularly weird place to raise that campaign. Wyze sells cheap imports with software and services. That is what they do. And they are more or less a startup.

You might want to take the issue to nominally American conglomerates such as GE or Dell or Apple before expecting a $20 camera company to produce everything in the US in 2020.

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