Where are these made?

Okay this might sound a little stupid but, I own four wise cams, and have pre-ordered the bulbs. I have no idea where there manufactured. I understand that the corporation is in West coast but where exactly are the cameras manufactured?

I believe the hardware is out of China…

Does where they’re manufactured make a difference in how they operate or in your opinion of the products and company?

Whether made in China or the Phillipines or the US, it wouldn’t change my views on the product because it isn’t important, IMO.

What would you knowing where they’re manufactured change? You say it as if it’s important information that’s required for proper operation of Wyze products when it’s not. I just don’t see what the deal is. I could understand if you needed to know where they were made because they had 2 areas of manufacture and each had their own accessories, etc…that could only be used with cams built in the same place but there’s nothing like that going on so where they’re made really makes no difference except to people who prefer not to buy imported products solely because theyre imported.

You seem to be reading a lot more into the question than what I see. :slight_smile:
I don’t think anyone is naive enough to think a $20 camera was made in the US.

Okay truth be told. I started this thread because I had received a question from Amazon regarding wise cameras if I knew where they were manufactured. I assumed it was China but I was hoping to ask around and get confirmation or maybe even true information. Does it really matter to me where it’s manufactured? Not really. Quality and the fortitude is a company to standby the word has more than sufficed. But giving me a dissertation about what I should be thinking really.?. It was just a simple question so I can forward on a simple answer

Thank you to all that replied I just wish I had a straight answer either way for this person that was looking to purchase the product

The straight answer is; Wyze cameras are made in China.
The same camera is used by Xiaomi and maybe others.
Wyze and Xiaomi each put their own version of firmware on the cameras.


Your question was a valid one.

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I think the question was simple enough, but you seem to be concerned as to the why rather than the answer. It’s a reasonable question, so I tried to answer it. Insofar as where something comes from, I DO consider sourcing, particularly with where my food comes from. Many countries have fewer restrictions on pesticides, which concerns me as I prefer to avoid such things when I feed my family. As you clearly have the right to buy anything legal from anywhere you choose, I believe its my right to purchase from sources I choose. I honestly don’t thing its a big deal, its simply freedom of choice.

Where it is made may be important, especially for items that have an electronic connection to the World Wide Web (ege a CAMERA)! With the proliferation of devices that listen in/watch and have an electronic connection to the world, you never know. China, specifically, has been identified with a number of products that “leak” information to unknown seekers. You may never know that you have been watch/listened to, but if there is a possibility, take care.

Show me a list of cameras not made in China. Any electronics really.
It will be a short list. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Show me a list of cameras made in China that talk back to the World Wide Web!

Not fair. Your list is so much shorter. :slightly_smiling_face:


And at least 4 x that with names that come and go.

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And your point is???

You asked a question, I answered it.

Wyze cameras talk to the server for settings and streaming to any authorized recipients, like shared users or even you, if you are accessing from a remote location. So I would say many vendors do this now.

All my cameras and inside looking out. But if this sort of thing bothers you, then do not share sensitive camera views regardless of vendor.

Wyze is a US company focusing on keeping their servers US-based, so any detail to the opposite appreciated. They will act on it.

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