China server

Can anyone explain why my cameras a connecting to a server in china. And ontop of it all it’s sending it unencrypted. Here is a screen shot Here is nother using unusual ports This is bad right?

3 Likes (Jingdong), I believe is the factory. But why the cameras need to connect there, I don’t know. This was asked in another thread. I haven’t seen any response as to why it needs to connect there. is Amazon AWS. The others are US-based servers that likely host the cloud-based clips.

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Every month this same question gets asked. Search the forum.

Kinda worries me. I just seen something the other day about parts of the aws being level 3 blacklisted

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How and where did you find the information in your screenshots?

It’s been asked lots and answered lots…

OK, what’s the reason given for why the camera connects to the factory in Beijing? I must have missed that response from Wyze.


I know that I missed it. I’m fairly new here. So give us a link to this valuable information somebody please.

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The screen shot is from my Coolpad legacy I used an app called app snitch that I got from the play store

Here’s the link

Since it’s unencrypted, you should be able to sniff exactly what it’s sending if you’re worried about it. But as others have said, Wyze has addressed this many times. See here, among other places.

Would anybody have a recomendation of a tool I could use to sniff out what data is being transmitted

I use this one

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Thanks for the information and app links guys. I guess that what it all boils down to is that as far as the connections for Wyze products go and if we want to use Wyze products then the WiFi connections that Wyze uses is beyond our control if we want to continue using our cameras. I’m not really WiFi saavy myself so I wouldn’t know how to block any of the unwanted connections if I wanted to.


I read that bit before about ThroughTek doing the streaming from Chinese servers. I can understand the choice since they probably cost less.

But isn’t ThroughTek.

Edit - But also, ThroughTek might not know details about the user, it does know your IP. How else can it stream to your phone?

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Who is Wyse? :thinking: :crazy_face:

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